Let’s face it, transitioning from a full-time employee into a full-fledged Entrepreneur is going to require a little bit more than proof of concept and connections. While those are necessary, the mental shifting you’ll require to dive into your business is going to be the key to your success. Have you ever noticed how people enter a swimming pool? They get in there one of two ways; they either DIVE or DIP. This is a perfect metaphor for how people enter decisions, and for this particular subject, make the dive into being an Entrepreneur. Toe Dippers like to take their time and gently dip their toe in the water, checking the temperature, and then slowly walking into the pool. And once their body agrees with the temperature, sometimes they’ll dive in. They’re a little more hesitant and take more calculated risks. Divers jump right in! They don’t care about the … Read More

By Ivie McCoy -Guest Blogger People are drinking smoothies now more than ever before. What should be in a smoothie to make it a complete, healthy alternative? Many people run into issues with things like texture, taste, and variety. Part of the misconception with taste is that we are so used to things being sweet that it is difficult to eat a green smoothie that tastes like “dirt” or is “earthy”. What if a green smoothie didn’t have to taste bad? What if a healthy smoothie that is also delicious could be made every day? By following these five easy steps, compiled mostly from the teachings of SWIHA holistic nutrition instructor Janet Lee, it is easy to create amazing green smoothies! 1) Liquid. Every smoothie needs a liquid component. The liquid provides nutrients as well as hydration for the body. Some ideas of what can be used are water, coconut … Read More

Produce yourself by saying Yes!

By Richard Seaman I often wonder where would I be if I had not listened to God’s voice. Where would I be if I had not stepped onto the path to walk a Spiritually Reliable life? I remember a time when I had one of those break down moments in the shower. I felt as if I was losing my mind, losing parts and pieces of myself. I cried out so loud to God, “I know I am amazing, talented and fabulous. I know I am not here to sling pasta in an Italian restaurant for the rest of my life. I am ripe and ready for the picking—God use me as your Divine instrument, in the peace and healing of others. God, I cannot go on anymore like this. I beg you, PLEASE send someone to produce me!” It was a desperate attempt to get Gods attention, which, in … Read More

The recent awareness around ingredients in foods and products has practically caused a worldwide phenomenon. Conscious consumers everywhere are beginning to pay attention to what they are putting in and on their bodies. However, Lisa Kaiser has been reading product labels and looking at food ingredients long before it was making headlines. This attention to labels and ingredients was what inspired Lisa to create her skincare business, The Good Stuff, over 15 years ago with her daughter. Lisa came to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) years after launching her business with the intent to expand on her expertise. She enrolled in the online Associates of Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program, and was intrigued by the Urban Farming courses, due to her interest in reading labels and using ingredients that nature provided. “The fact that Urban Farming was incorporated, along with the holistic nutrition classes, brought what I believe full circle,” … Read More

Like many students who attend SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts), Elizabeth Brotherson came to the school looking for an alternative career path. She was hoping to supplement her income as a preschool teacher by earning a living doing something she was passionate about. Elizabeth had always been drawn to energy work and had a natural intuition for knowing when someone might need help or healing, so when she found SWIHA, she knew it was the perfect fit for her. “SWIHA embraces the total embodiment of the healing arts, encouraging you to use your natural abilities, while giving you the tools to take it that extra step to make you a successful therapist,” she explains regarding what attracted her to SWIHA. Elizabeth, or Beth, as she often goes by, enrolled in SWIHA’s Professional Massage Practitioner 750 hour program, and immediately began her journey to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. She … Read More


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