Spiritual Studies

Certificate of Excellence in Spiritual Studies

SWIHA’s Spiritual Studies program is built on a non denominational, non-rhetorical path of study that emphasizes finding your individual, personal spiritual mission through the discovery and development of your own spirit-given gifts. The program’s path of study is founded on integrity, community, ideology, and a life of inspiration to self and others.

This program supports those who feel “called” to a place of spiritual leadership in their lives and in their own communities. This calling may lead to becoming an ordained minister, spiritual healer or it may direct you to a journey of self-awakening.

This is a Certificate of Excellence/Primary Specialty for SWIHA’s Mind-Body Transformational Psychology AOS Degree and Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner diploma program.

Graduates often experience a remarkable sense of serenity that comes with spiritual healing. No matter how you classify your spiritual life, you can learn to grow in this program’s non-denominational approach.

Explore Spiritual Studies

Are you interested in Spiritual Studies, but are unsure about signing up for the full program? At SWIHA, we are so committed to helping you achieve your dream, we invite you to take a test drive and sit in on the first 4 hours of any introductory class before you decide whether to enroll. Get a first-hand feel for what SWIHA is all about!

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Tuition Assistance

SWIHA is a nationally-accredited college approved by the United States Department of Education. Students enrolled in programs of 600 hours or more may qualify for Federal Student Aid in the form of Pell grants and student loans.

We also offer a 10% concession on tuition* for all programs paid with cash in full at the time of enrollment.**
*Application fees, books, materials, and supplies to be paid for separately and not included in the concession toward the total cost of tuition.
**Not to be combined with any other offer or scholarship.


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