Master Massage Practitioner

Is there a healer within you that has been waiting for the right time to surface? With all that you learn in the Master Massage Practitioner diploma program, you can take your gifts out into the world in a loving and profitable way. SWIHA’s Master Massage Practitioner diploma program exceeds the requirements for massage therapy training in nearly all states in the country. Graduates of this program are prepared with many holistic health tools to enter a mid-level professional position or begin their own practice. Completed in as little as 14 months full time or 29 months part time, this 1000-hour program contains all of the core competencies required of a classically trained massage therapist. In addition, you choose added hours of training in two or more exciting primary specialty areas which resonate with you and your goals. Earning certification in specialties, you gain an edge over other licensed massage … Read More

Western Herbalism & Holistic Nutrition

AOS Degree in Holistic Healthcare with a Concentration in Western Herbalism & Holistic Nutrition View Program Sheet. It’s a winning combination. In the Western Herbalism and Holistic Nutritionist program you will learn to use herbs for natural healing and how to coach people on improving their nutrition, food choices and eating habits for a healthy and energized life. With SWIHA’s Associate Degree in Holistic Healthcare with Concentrations in Western Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition, you can educate others to live more sustainable lives by using non-toxic, affordable, renewable and accessible health choices, and avoid the overuse of expensive medications and invasive procedures. You will also learn to support others with a healthier, mindful “diet” called S.O.U.L. nutrition, which means choosing foods that are Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local. Western Herbalism Enrich your connection with the earth and plants from a spiritual and energetic perspective, as well as from a phytochemical science … Read More

Professional Massage Practitioner

AOS Degree in Holistic Healthcare with a Concentration in Professional Massage Practitioner View Program Sheet Gainful Employment Details The art and science of massage therapy has gained vast credibility over the years as an effective, powerful, therapeutic healing treatment. It is often a vital part of an integrated, holistic wellness plan for those seeking to heal or restore their health. If you want to be a massage therapist with a full education beyond a diploma, an Associates of Occupational Studies Degree in Holistic Health Care with a concentration in Professional Massage is for you. SWIHA’s AOS Degree with a concentration in Professional Massage exceeds the 700-hour requirement for massage therapy training in Arizona. Upon completion, students may begin their own rewarding private practice or seek a professional employment position at spas, wellness centers and numerous health care related facilities. You will gain a rock solid foundation with general education classes, … Read More

Mind-Body Transformational Psychology

Program Courses – What’s this? Career and Employment Outlook Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program. Associates of Occupational Studies Degree in Holistic Health Care – Concentration in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology 1000+ classroom hours – 60 credit hours – 24 months full-time Embark on a journey into lasting transformation as a whole, healthy and authentic individual. This program is designed with the understanding that complete wellness is a balance between mind, body and spirit. You will complete introductory classes such as Life Coaching and Holistic Nutrition, and tailor your own unique path by choosing additional areas of interest from a choice of Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra or Guided Imagery and Polarity, Cranial Unwinding or Reiki. Learn to Facilitate Healing and Wellness As you continue your journey, you’ll delve deep into the human psyche in classes such as Somatic Psychology I & II … Read More

Toe Reading

Toe Reading is a fascinating healing art using active listening, powerful, soul searching questions and deeply skilled insight to help people create change in in their lives. As a Toe Reader you can sit in front of someone and fully witness their life story. Becoming a Toe Reader is a wonderful way to share your healing gifts with the world. After completing the Toe Reading Level I class (16 hours of training) you can begin marketing your skills and building a practice and clientele. Toe Reading is based on the theory that each individual records a holograph of the story of their life and stores it within the body. The position and shape of the toes contain this story, which can be read by a skilled practitioner. By observing someone’s toes you can learn a great deal about their past experiences and current issues. Toes reveal how a person copes … Read More

Natural Aesthetics Practitioner

Program Length: Day: 30 Weeks Full-Time or 20 Weeks Accelerated (NA-FT) Evening: 50 Weeks Full-Time NA (PM) Our Natural Aesthetics Practitioner program combines the most current skincare and anti-aging treatments with the natural wellness values of SWIHA! Students learn more than 20 different facial protocols and become proficient in a wide variety of spa treatments and cosmetic applications. Makeup, tinting and waxing are all part of our well-rounded curriculum. Our progressive program features instruction in many advanced skincare services not offered by most introductory programs. These include Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent Facials, Chemical Peels, and Hot Stone Facials. Our program training includes: Introduction to Reflexology, Introduction to Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Facial Massage, Microdermabrasion, and Microcurrent treatments. As an important part of your preparation to enter the business world we include Business Development and Personal Development as a standard piece of our curriculum. Day Schedule: Tuesday through Friday, from 8:30-4:30pm for the first 8 … Read More

Master Aesthetics Educator

Hours: 600 Classroom Hours Credits: 24.75 Program Length: 37 Weeks Full-Time This program is for Licensed Aestheticians who already have a minimum of 1 year documented work experience as a licensed aesthetician. Students are taught a combination of theory, lecture and classroom practices which are needed to become an effective aesthetics instructor. The student instructor will take part in class preparation, lesson planning, lecture theory classes and practical education including clinic supervision. Included in this program is our 100 hour Life Coaching Program, which introduces the common philosophies and objectives for student-centered education and details multiple assessment tools tailored to address different learning styles. The Master Educator program is taught under the supervision of a licensed instructor. Required Core Program Courses (25 weeks) NA 550 Natural Aesthetics – Educational Theory (200 hours | 9.75 credits) NA 560 Natural Aesthetics – Practicum (300 hours | 10.00 credits) Required Life Coaching Specialty … Read More

Cosmetic Laser Technician

Hours: 180 Classroom Hours – 7 Credit Certificate Credits: 7.00 Program Length: 15 Weeks Full-Time Our 180 hour Cosmetic Laser Technician Certification program is designed for Licensed Aestheticians, or students who are actively pursuing their aesthetics training at SWINA. With Cosmetic Laser Technician training, you step up your skill set as an aesthetician and have a leading edge with prospective employers or as an entrepreneur. Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics gives you the most comprehensive education available. Our Cosmetic Laser Technician training includes… Hair Reduction Spider Vein Reduction Skin Rejuvenation Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing Skin Tightening Wrinkle Reduction Laser Peel Acne Scar Reduction Solar Lentigos (Age Spots) Reduction Ephelis (Freckles) Reduction Photofacial This program consists of 180 hours, including 40 hours of Laser Didactic, 48 hours of Observation, and 92 hours of practice in Laser Hair Removal, Photo Facial Rejuvenation, Pixel Skin Resurfacing, and Skin Tightening Procedures.

Advanced Skincare Practitioner & Cosmetic Laser Technician

Hours: 780 Credits: 31.00 Program Length: Day: 35 Weeks Full-Time Evening: 55 Weeks Full-Time Our 780 hour program is ideal for students who want to become a Licensed Aesthetician and earn a dual certification as a Cosmetic Laser Technician. The curriculum of our 600-hour Natural Aesthetics Practitioner program is combined with the coursework and hands-on training of our 180-hour Cosmetic Laser Technician program. This dual certification from Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics is a winning combination for a fulfilling and profitable career. We offer convenient day or evening programs to suit the busy schedules of our students. Once students complete the aesthetics portion of the program, they are ready to begin the laser training. Our state-of-the-art program exceeds the stringent requirements of the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency (ARRA) by offering the required 40 hours of Laser and Intense Pulse Light training plus many hours of clinical observations and hands-on treatments. … Read More

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