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“We all have the inborn ability to heal, to maintain, and to grow.” This is the premise of Suzie Emiliozzi’s business, Living Joy LLC. Suzie launched Living Joy shortly after graduating from the online Associates of Mind-Body Transformational Psychology Degree program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). Since then, she has helped hundreds of clients change, heal, and discover themselves. Let’s start at the beginning… Years ago, Suzie was diagnosed with a terrible case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Even with medical care, her condition was debilitating. Everyday tasks such as brushing her teeth, walking, or getting in and out of the bathtub were nearly impossible. Eventually Suzie was introduced to a form of energy healing called BodyTalk™. This holistic healing modality addresses the whole person: emotional, physical and environmental. Due to additional emotional and situational issues Suzie was experiencing at the time, BodyTalk™ was successful in her path to healing; … Read More

All Aspects of the Art of Health

The ‘earth’ without art is just ‘eh’ . . .
. . . according to Holistic Wellness Practitioner Heather Krompacky, who works in the town of Talkeetna, Alaska, at the base of North America’s tallest mountain, the magnificent Denali.
Imagine . . .
. . . entering a room for a holistic session with a new practitioner, someone you have never worked with before. There are colorful candles burning, the light is low due to the salt lamps placed strategically around the room. Soft music is playing and a lovely, aromatic fragrance is wafting through the air. You begin your session with your practitioner; maybe you experience hypnotherapy, nutritional coaching, or aromatherapy, all as an aspect of a holistic life coaching session with a competent and caring practitioner. You feel a sense of comfort due to the open and honest space from which the ‘Change Artist Extraordinaire’, as the practitioner is known, works. At the end of the session, you are offered a soul-coaching card, to provide continued insight and affirmation. Read More

Massage your Tired ‘Black Friday’ Legs to Avoid Varicose Veins

With the biggest shopping day of the year right around the corner, many of us will be spending hours (or even days) walking from store to store and standing in long lines at the register. This type of extended standing and walking can wreak havoc on our legs, creating varicose veins, or worsening them in those who already have them. If you notice ropey and bulging leg veins, achy calves or cramps at night, or swollen legs after standing for periods of time, varicose veins could be the culprit. Varicose veins are usually not too serious, but if ignored, can lead to other problems. However, there is a solution! Massage is a great tool to create comfort while relieving aching legs and swollen muscles. Massage can be beneficial to those who experience varicose veins. It can decrease edema (excessive watery fluid that collects in the cavities or tissues of the … Read More

One Point Connecting Two Worlds

By KC Miller Imagine a gate that connects the mysteries of the heavens to what we could manifest here on earth. Just the thought of such a portal sounds kind of Star Wars-like, doesn’t it? And yet, there is a potent ear point that has been written about as far back as 500 BC in a timeless book known as The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, a compilation of acupuncture procedures that were practiced since ancient times. This mysterious point is called ‘Shen Men’, which translates to ‘Spirit-Gate’. It is the point believed to connect heaven and earth, mind and body; it brings imbalance or disease to a restored balance and facilitates healing. It is one powerful point! ‘Shen Men’, also known as the ‘Heavenly Gate’, is located in the center upper third portion of the ear, situated at the apex of the triangular fossa. It is one of … Read More

The Skin-ny on a Career as an Aesthetician

Great skin is often associated with youth and beauty. Gorgeous models with glowing faces adorn magazine covers. Countless ballads and romance novels wax poetically about the thrill of a lover’s touch on their skin. Keeping our skin healthy and supple is a huge business throughout the world. A 2013 story in the Huffington Post, written by Rebecca Adams, states women in the U.S. spend $426 billion on beauty products alone. This figure does not include beauty and spa treatments such as facials, waxing, deep pore cleaning or microdermabrasion, laser treatments or photo facials. Women in the U.S. spend $426 billion on beauty products alone. Nor does the monetary figure include skin diseases and medical treatments. As the largest organ in the human body our skin (also known as epidermis or integument) has the practical purpose of protecting the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. It is also prone to … Read More

The Healing Powers Of Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness Practitioners offer a wide variety of ways to help us transform ourselves and create balance in our life. Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Reiki; just to name a few, are powerful modalities that offer tremendous transformation at various levels, including body, mind and soul. These all offer us a chance to tap into the answers and infinite power that is within us, instead of looking outside of ourselves for security, love, happiness and truth. The journey is not always a clear a simple path, but we can certainly still enjoy it. There are many forms of alternative therapy that can can help us transform our lives and enjoy the journey. How To Make the Most of Your Holistic Wellness Practices and Therapy 1. Remember you are 100% responsible of your life. Owning responsibility for your own experience is the first step towards transformation. Some people might look … Read More

The Benefits of Infant Massage

Newborns and infants do not come with an instruction manual. Each child is unique and has a language all their own! During the first few months the new parents begin to learn the different sounds, cries and body cues the child displays as a means of communicating their needs. One of our great graduates, Carol Gutierrez, recently welcomed a new grandchild into the world! She shared that at two weeks old, her grandson began communicating he had colicky symptoms after feeding by wiggling, crying inconsolably and sleeplessness. “As a caring grandparent it was frustrating to watch. Many hours were spent rocking, singing, walking and providing a loving presence”, Carol reported. Carol shared she used many of the things she had learned during her massage therapy training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She reported reaching into her tool-kit for all the techniques she had learned about infant massage, energy work, … Read More

Benefits of Being a Toe Reader

A Miraculous Story One of the MANY miraculous stories to share took place on a sunny afternoon in a tiny town near Tokyo, Japan. First of all, the foundation of the Japanese culture is respect. In Japanese society eye contact is frowned upon, as is discussing feelings and expressing emotion. Sucking it up and dealing with pain is common for these beautiful people, as the expression of such things portray weakness. Since Toe Reading opens up the discussion of the soul and a person’s life path, releasing this way of life is vital. As KC read the toes of about 30 Japanese women and a few men, built up emotions poured out of these souls. The use of aromatherapy combined with Toe Reading was also especially fascinating. KC gave them permission to realize their value and worth here on this earth, and to realize their purpose and full potential. No … Read More

Massage FAQ

What do SWIHA’s Massage Programs teach? The Professional Massage Practitioner diploma program is available with two timetable options—either full-time or part-time to suit your unique and individual needs. For our 750-Hour Professional Massage Practitioner Diploma you can choose an 11-month, full time or 22-month, part-time program. If you feel called to provide skilled bodywork to help others improve their health and well being, you will love the art and science of this program. This program covers the core competency courses and allows you to specialize in your areas of interest. Our 1000-hour Master Massage Practitioner Diploma has 14-month, full-time or 29-month, part-time options. This program includes all of the core competency courses required to become a classically trained licensed massage therapist, plus additional training in two or more primary holistic specialty areas which interest you. Choose from Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Polarity, Spiritual Studies, Reflexology, Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki, Cranial Unwinding, … Read More

Meet Great Graduate Tara Martineau

SWIHA Graduate Tara Martineau is a Transformational Reiki practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, and intuitive Toe Reader. Tara is excited to be sharing news that she has just signed a lease for her own professional suite at a retail wellness building to offer her healing arts. Tara previously mainly traveled to offer her sessions or worked from home. She also does a lot of volunteer work with her gifts at multiple locations including the Southwest HIV Center and Banner Heart Hospital. Tara has often shared her skills at the ‘Discover Your Gifts & Graces’ event every first Friday of the month at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is now growing her practice, building her clientele, expanding her business Soar to Self, and taking a leap into having her own office at the Independent Professionals Wellness Center in Mesa, AZ. Tara loves helping people rediscover themselves and incorporating aromatherapy into … Read More

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