BC 555-OL – Entrepreneurial Business Development ONLINE

This course encourages you to explore your deepest feelings and examine your “stories” around money, business, and your ‘Big Dream.’ An important part of this course is the opportunity to get input and honest feedback about your business ideas from fellow students, the instructor, and an entrepreneurial coach who is committed to supporting your ‘Big Dream’! In this course, you will Dream, Dare, Reflect, and Refine aspects of your business and marketing plan. Group support and accountability are key components in this experience.

This first course of three in the ‘Entrepreneurial Business Suite,’ is designed to help you move from just having an idea to manifesting your successful business or private practice. You will be coached through the many stages of entrepreneurship. Emphasis is placed on creating and implementing a marketing plan designed to create immediate and sustainable income. By the third course (BC 557-OL), you will be ready to take your gifts and graces out into the world in a loving and profitable way. Text: $35 Read More

BC 540 – Business Development & Entrepreneurial Support

This course is designed for the student who has completed 75% or more of their program and is ready to start or grow their holistic practice. This course is focused on the implementation of effective marketing and action steps to create a plan of how each individual will “show up” in their desired market. Students are coached through the stages of entrepreneurship. Each phase of business development is discussed with emphases on exploring ALL the holdbacks a student may have to accomplishing their dreams and goals. High performance and personal coaching techniques are used, as well as honest feedback and accountability. Group support and recognition are key components in this experience. Text: $20 (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

HE 101-OL – Entrepreneurs Journey 1: Departure

This course invites you to depart on your own “Hero’s Journey” — inviting you, as a Health & Wellness Coach, to step out on the path of becoming a Holistic Entrepreneur. You will examine, and potentially reframe, your mindset around your relationship to money, business, and making a difference in the world! You will have the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with your instructor, who will also serve as your success coach. In this first of four courses in the Holistic Entrepreneurial Suite, you will be coached through the first four stages of entrepreneurship. Text: $35 Read More

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

Become A Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Do you want to help others improve their health by teaching them tools and habits for maintaining their wellness? The Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching diploma program is for individuals who are motivated to lead healthier lives, be centered in their wellness, and inspire others to do the same through a career in Health and Wellness Coaching. At the core of this program is a belief in the mind-body-spirit connection and that each of us has a deep, inner knowing. When we connect with that knowing, we can achieve our individual health and wellness goals that are aligned with our values! This program will provide you with a comprehensive educational foundation in behavior change, mindfulness, and positive psychology. It is focused on mind-body-spirit connection while being deeply rooted in science, and providing you tools to create a realistic and complete business plan that … Read More

BC 530 – Introduction to Holistic Entrepreneurship & Self-Empowerment

This course is designed to introduce you to your journey as a holistic entrepreneur and embark on the discovery of your next best self. Gain clarity. Provide direction. Create structure. Take action. Maintain the tools necessary to discipline yourself and consistently move forward without the loss of motivation or be held back by excuses and self-defeating behaviors. This course emphasizes a focus on YOU first and then you will apply the same concepts learned when it is time to create your practice in BC 540 – Business Development & Entrepreneurial Support. Read More

BC 601 – Mission Possible

With the right tools, your business IS possible. Students will learn and apply business writing, statistical research methods and business finance to support sound entrepreneurial endeavors. Student will apply MLA standards used for research writing as well as set a hypothesis and conduct relevant field research in this course. Students will also learn and apply personal financial management and using prosperity consciousness as a tool for wealth building. Retirement, savings, and investment such as stock are also studied. Bring your entrepreneurial vision to class, and ground it into the tools that will make it come to life in a sustainable way. Read More

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Programs

Become an Entrepreneur – Online and On-Campus Diploma Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma is designed to provide a comprehensive education in mind-body-spirit integration while reflecting the changing trends of the wellness and healthcare industry. Learn to help others optimize their well-being and become empowered to make healthier choices with cutting edge insights from the intersection of allopathic and integrative approaches to healing. Our online and on-campus diploma options offer foundational courses in business development, entrepreneurship, and transpersonal psychology with customizable elective specialties that let YOU choose your own path of service. If you’re ready to live a life of purpose, profit from your passion, and become an entrepreneur with your own private practice, take a look at the many choices available to you through the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma: Start Dates On-Campus TBA Online October 26, 2020 Integrative Healing Arts Online or On-campus: Diplomas: … Read More

Special Offers

SWIHA has so much to offer! Tour Our Campus Visit our campus in Tempe on Southern and McClintock to experience our tranquil student massage clinic, state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, entrepreneurial business center, bookstore and more! You can also schedule a Q&A with one of our Admissions Coaches. Email us at 4-hour Guest Pass Be our guest in an on campus class! Complimentary & commitment-free. Call student services at (480) 994-9244 for available opportunities and to request your pass. click to view our digital class calendar click to view our upcoming classes Gifts and Graces Monthly Event You’re invited to enjoy an evening with our conscious commUNITY. Every first Friday, a keynote speaker shares a meaningful presentation, followed by complimentary mini-sessions of Life Coaching, Reiki, Toe Reading and more! Visit our Events Calendar for more information. Connect With Us Virtually View and register for our upcoming educational Webinars. Follow us on … Read More

Flower Essences: How to Get Started – Guest Post by Alise Holland

As a recent Great Graduate from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), I was a bit nervous about getting my first client for a flower essence session. It all started when a client learned about my services online and wanted a spiritual reading. As the reading began to unfold, Spirit shared some spiritual visions and insights that wowed the client. It was very clear that she was a ‘Lightworker’ who had gotten out of touch with her true spiritual self. I asked her if she had ever heard of flower essence and she said “no, however, I’m open and willing to try them.” It was the perfect opportunity to explain what flower essence was and how it worked. Therefore, I mailed her flower essence brochure to share with her all about flower essence, how it worked, and the type of flower essence services we offered at our healing center. … Read More

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