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As part of our training, we offer Specialty Clinics to the public where you can receive sessions in Cranial Unwinding, Polarity, Hypnotherapy, Nutritional Coaching and Assessment with students who are completing our programs. These sessions take place in a classroom, supervised by an instructor, and each session generally lasts one hour.

Just a friendly reminder that the specialty clinic desk is not manned full time so please notate that responses to your phone or email requests may take up to 24 hours if received Monday thru Thursday and up to 72 hours if appointments are requested Friday thru Sunday. When paying for your service, we request that you use no bills larger than $20.

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Nutritional Assessment and Coaching
Spiritual Studies
Toe Reading


Individual Sessions

The Hypnotherapy clinic is designed as a capstone experience preparing students to begin the practice of Hypnotherapy. Students hypnotize volunteer clients for the purpose of deep relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, easing fears and phobias, and addiction abatement including smoking cessation and weight management. The sessions are done under the supervision of an instructor.

To be announced, keep checking!

Group Sessions

Advanced Hypnotherapy Complimentary Practicum
You are invited to participate in a supervised Hypnotherapy clinic focusing on advanced techniques for smoking abatement, pain management, weight loss and stress reduction. The format is a practicum where students work with clients in a clinical group setting. You may attend one or multiple sessions of your choosing.

TBA - 2022
Specific dates and times will be updated during the month the clinic is scheduled.

Polarity / Cranial  $15 PER SESSION


Cranial sacral: This energy-based therapy integrates Polarity and touch to balance the body, release restrictions, and relieve stress in the cerebral spinal complexes, allowing the body to reconnect with its healing core energy.

Polarity: As a full, holistic care system, this therapy combines hands-on contact, toning, breathing, and gentle counseling techniques which facilitate the body in emotional and mental releases, as well as moves trapped energy in the physical body to release pain.

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Call (480) 994-9244 or by email at specialtyclinics@swiha.edu

To be announced, keep checking!



This is a public clinic, where clients will be comfortably set up on the massage tables provided, with blankets and bolsters for comfort. These are intention based sessions. During the session the client goes into a deep “yogic sleep” to reach the deepest states of consciousness and then the practitioners bring them back out. The sessions are an hour in length and are said to be the equivalent of 3 hours of actual sleep. It is empowering, energizing and rejuvenating all at once. Each student has a clinic room, where they are partnered up. They take turns being the practitioner and the observer. There is a brief intake at the beginning and then feedback provided at the end.

To be announced, keep checking!


Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a complete system of holistic healing where spiritually directed life force energy is directed to various parts of a client's body for the purpose of deep relaxation, relief of physical and emotional concerns and spiritual clarity. The treatments are done fully clothed under the supervision of an instructor.

Book Your Appointment
Call (480) 994-9244 or by email at specialtyclinics@swiha.edu

TBA 2021
To be announced, keep checking!

Nutritional Assessment and Coaching  COMPLIMENTARY


This is for people who are interested in receiving coaching around their current nutritional lifestyle and may be interested in making some change. We invite you for a 60 to 90 minute Intake Consultation with our student practitioners the first week and then return the following week for your RESULTS and a COACHING session. This will give you the opportunity to develop an appropriate holistic nutritional plan as you seek changes for optimal health. *Follow-up coaching session to be held at the same appointment time.*

Specific dates and times will be updated during the month the clinic is scheduled.

Spiritual Studies  COMPLIMENTARY


SWIHA’s Spiritual Studies program is built on a non denominational, non-rhetorical path of study that emphasizes finding your individual, personal spiritual mission through the discovery and development of your own spirit-given gifts. The program’s path of study is founded on integrity, community, ideology, and a life of inspiration to self and others.

To be announced, keep checking!



Book your appointment today with one of our gifted advanced Toe Reading students to find out if you are walking your destined path. Everything that happens in our lives is recorded holographically into our feet. Major traumas, dramas, personality tendencies and destiny factors are all revealed in the shape, lumps, bumps, direction, distortions, and colors of our toes. By asking penetrating, soul-coaching questions, the student practitioner sits humbly before your feet to make observations which help reveal the stories your toes metaphorically record. Clients may discover new awareness & transformation to help propel them into the future with integration and healing. The reading may be fun and entertaining or powerfully life changing!

To be announced, keep checking!

Reflexology  $15 PER SESSION


Reflexology is a hands-on modality based on the principle there are reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears that when stimulated, effect the relaxation and healing of the glands, organs, systems and body parts of the client. The treatments are done fully clothed under the supervision of an instructor. Sessions are available for $15.

TBA 2021
Specific dates and times will be updated during the month the clinic is scheduled.

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