SP 160 – Mysticism

Hours: 15

Cost: $225.00

This course teaches students to explore and understand the unique place “mysticism” holds in the world’s spiritual traditions and how mystics of different cultures and times share some common practices and insights that have meaning and deep implications for how we express our spirituality today. Students will be required to complete a 5-entry journal relating their own experience to the 5-Fold Way of mysticism and complete an integrative, creative project to share with the class during the final session.

Fees and Tuition
  • Tuition - $225.00
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - SP 160 – Mysticism

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SP 160

Start Date: Thu, March 16, 2017

End Date: Thu, April 6, 2017

Thu 06:00 pm - 09:45 pm

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