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Welcome to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). Thank you for choosing our college as a path to following your dream of a fulfilling and lucrative career in holistic health and wellness. For more than twenty years, SWIHA has been providing the highest quality education in a vast variety of healing arts. We know that more than half of our new students enroll based on recommendations from our former students. We invite you to schedule a tour and discover why our students and alumni can’t wait to spread the word!

Our campus is near the heart of Tempe, close to Arizona State University. We are within walking distance of restaurants, coffee houses, shops and the public transit system, including the Valley Metro Light Rail with trains arriving every 12-15 minutes.

Core Values - Essence of SWIHA

Spirit Directed

SWIHA believes in the body-mind-spirit connection. We believe humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience, so we recognize the spiritual nature of life, death, health and healing. While we do not subscribe to or endorse a specific doctrine or dogma, we openly acknowledge a higher power and divine presence in our lives. We embrace prayer, meditation, divine inspiration, intuition and the great mystery of life.

Community Centered

SWIHA is actively involved in the community as a way of providing service and showing gratitude. We update our students on volunteer opportunities throughout the community. In addition, each month we hold a complimentary community event which is open to the public. This event features a new dynamic, motivational presentation every month. Following the event we offer complementary mini holistic sessions such as Reiki and Life Coaching, Please visit our community section for specifics.

Choice and Flexibility

In addition to the required core classes, each program offers a wide array of electives or primary specialties, giving you the freedom to discover and develop your own unique gifts and talents. SWIHA understands that not everyone can attend school full-time Monday through Friday. That’s why we offer day, night and weekend classes as well as online classes that you can attend anytime, anywhere, allowing you maximum flexibility to create a schedule that works best for you.

Individuality and Diversity

No two individuals are alike – which is why we encourage all of our students to evaluate their learning styles, personality profiles, gifts, dreams, fears, phobias and individual self-restraints. We assist students in acknowledging and accessing one of the most powerful healing modalities they already possess – intuition. For this reason, SWIHA encourages students to go with classes and instructors to which they are intuitively drawn.


Our programs are not restricted to any particular or specific religious denomination. SWIHA honors and accepts the many faiths and belief systems of every individual. We remain highly conscious of the philosophy that “there are many paths that lead to the top of the mountain.” Perhaps there are many paths that lead up many different mountains. Either way, SWIHA respects the freedom of every person to have their own path.

Self-Healing, and Empowerment

Graduates of our programs report that in addition to a quality education, they experienced profound personal transformation. Many students say they begin to feel positive life changes soon after beginning their courses. We’ve built Self-healing and Self-empowerment into our training programs, recognizing that personal healing and growth are necessary before going out into the world to offer professional healing and growth.

Life-Long Learning

Our state-recognized and nationally accredited programs provide students with comprehensive training by dedicated, accomplished instructors actively practicing in their particular healing arts fields. All diploma and certificate programs we offer are designed to prepare students to begin an entry-level position in their chosen field. Those continuing their education with more advanced Holistic Health degree programs are often able to take classes while working part-time in their chosen field.

Dedicated to Your Success

SWIHA is committed to advancing the holistic health-care movement by providing students and alumni with ongoing career placement resources as well as entrepreneurial support to those committed to owning and growing their own private practices or businesses. Our Success Center will help you meet your goal of gainful employment or entrepreneurship through life-long assistance with marketing, résumé and portfolio development, business coaching and more.

Environmental Care

We advocate environmental sustainability through our holistic health-care programs, teaching students how to create wellness using ecological, non-toxic resources, ancient healing modalities, holistic nutrition and natural stress management techniques. Our goal is to go beyond the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” – we strive to teach conscious health professionals to "do more good." SWIHA embodies "green" health care, and is taking the lead to inspire local and national practitioners to do the same through conferences, education and outreach.


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