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Our Urban Farming programs are all about you! We understand everyone is different and offering only one outlet for learning may not fit all lifestyles, that’s why we offer both on-campus and online classes. You will also have the opportunity, while in training, to begin building your own urban farm, garden, or urban farming business! The possibilities are limitless.

Sustainability and Conscious Living

HH 500 | Hours: 15 | Credits: 1

Learn how the art and science of sustainability can affect health and well being individually and globally. Discussed topics will include toxicity and healthy solutions for the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Discover how to avoid harmful practices and begin to create a more healthy and sustainable environment.

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Urban Farming – Field-to-Fork

UF 100 | Hours: 40 | Credits: 2.25

This course provides a foundation for people interested in learning how to plan, implement, and maintain their own garden. A sustainable approach is used to learn all the basics, as well as water harvesting, seed saving, tool usage, and harvesting the food that has been grown. In addition, students will explore concepts surrounding the spirituality of the land.

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Urban Farming – Seed-to-Sale

UF 120 | Hours: 20 | Credits: 1.25

This class will explore ways to turn your private garden into a means of supplemental income. Students will explore harvesting, handling, storing, and packaging their food products. Additionally, they will learn about the Local Food Economy model, marketing, and charging for their food. Finally, students will explore potential products they could make for sale to their community.

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Urban Farming – Externship

UF 140 | Hours: 25 | Credits: .50

Through this program you will have accumulated all the tools required to design and maintain your own urban farm or garden; this Externship is all hands on! Here you will step into your field and community as a knowledgeable urban farmer. Dependent upon where you live and what you are interested in, you will have the chance to work on an established urban farm or garden, farmers market, soil-based organic farm, aquaponics farm, etc. We will work with you one-on-one to find the right externship for YOU!

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