AR 101 – Aromatherapy-Advanced

Hours: 32

Cost: $676.00

This advanced course builds upon the fundamentals instilled in the introductory course to expand and deepen the student’s knowledge and practice. As an in-depth study of the applications of essential oils, the course teaches students a range of treatment forms and application methods to enhance and maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Learn to skillfully integrate essential oils into a variety of therapeutic applications, as well develop a thorough understanding of contraindication. Combining customer blends is emphasized. PRERQ: AR 100 or AR 113. CONTRAINDICATED FOR PREGNANCY Text: Same from AR 100 Supplies: $100. (CEU-NCBTMB) NOTE: Registration for this course closes the Thursday before course start.

Fees and Tuition
  • Tuition - $576.00
  • Supplies - $100.00
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - AR 101 – Aromatherapy-Advanced

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AR 101

Start Date: Thu, May 13, 2021

End Date: Thu, July 1, 2021

Thu 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

AR 101

Start Date: Thu, October 21, 2021

End Date: Thu, December 16, 2021

Thu 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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