HN 221-OL – Nutrition – Examining Whole & Raw Food Cuisine ONLINE

Hours: 40

Cost: $730.00

Awaken your inner chef and enhance your appreciation of the nourishing power of natural foods! This course covers the basics of whole and raw foods, including: nutrition perspectives and theories, shopping, kitchen and pantry set-up, food preparation tips, simple cooking techniques, and easy-to-prepare recipes. You will develop greater ease, confidence, and efficiency in the kitchen; expand your recipe repertoire; strengthen your intuitive cooking skills; and learn how to replace highly refined, processed and commonly allergenic food with healthier, organic, and economical alternatives. You will transform yourself through preparing and eating whole foods and raw foods, and will learn coaching skills to motivate your clients to easily incorporate whole foods into their lifestyle. Throughout this course you have the opportunity to explore and experiment with whole and raw foods, with reading, research, personal reflection, and in your kitchen. Topics include organic produce; superfoods; raw foods; plant fats; fish; whole grains; and plant and meat protein. This course may require additional food and/or equipment costs. PREREQ: HN101 & HN120 or HN 121-OL. Media Fee: $10

Fees and Tuition
  • Tuition - $720.00
  • Supplies - $10.00
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - HN 221-OL – Nutrition – Examining Whole & Raw Food Cuisine ONLINE

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HN 221-OL

Start Date: Mon, December 7, 2020

End Date: Sun, January 17, 2021

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