SP 447-OL – Spirit-Directed Coaching

Hours: 30

Cost: $540.00

Learn to facilitate a person's healing and spiritual growth through being a loving "witness" to their process and learning to "hold space" for them to experience their own awareness changes. Facilitated dialogue will be taught, so as to bring out their spiritual process, without leading or traumatizing them. Establishing healthy, non-judgmental client/practitioner relationships is the emphasis of this class. Text: $44

Fees and Tuition
  • Tuition - $540.00
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - SP 447-OL – Spirit-Directed Coaching

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SP 447-OL

Start Date: Mon, August 8, 2022

End Date: Sun, September 18, 2022

SP 447-OL

Start Date: Mon, October 17, 2022

End Date: Sun, December 4, 2022

SP 447-OL

Start Date: Mon, January 9, 2023

End Date: Sun, February 19, 2023

SP 447-OL

Start Date: Mon, March 27, 2023

End Date: Sun, May 7, 2023

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