TE 146 – Breast Health – Intro


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Breast health is a part of every woman’s wellness, as well as a way to release the stress held in the pectoral and rhomboid muscles. You will receive an overview of the lymphatic system specific to the breast, as well as demonstrate and practice lymphatic brushing and a lymphatic breast flush protocol. You will deepen your understanding of pectoral anatomy and how to best work with the underlying muscles that create neck, back and upper chest relief to provide easy breathing and the release of muscular tension. Additional topics covered include techniques for working with breast implants and scar tissue. Aromatherapy recommendations are included. You will discuss how to prepare for possible emotional releases that may be experienced when working directly over the heart chakra. Bring two sheets, lotion, bolster, two small towels. PRE-REQ: MT 200 SWEDISH OR LICENSED (CEU-NCBTMB)

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Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - TE 146 – Breast Health – Intro

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