YO 452 – Yoga – Yogic Somatic Psychology & Assessment


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Understanding how to effectively assess your client’s needs is imperative when creating effective treatment plans. This course will help you confidently meet clients where they are in their healing and help them move forward by teaching students how to read the nervous system in order to best support treatment decisions. Whether you or your client has experienced a little “t” trauma or a big “T” trauma, our nervous systems are constantly seeking regulation and safety and sometimes the neurobiology of the body can interfere with healing. The first step of healing from trauma starts with learning how to regulate the nervous system and emotional expression. By understanding how the nervous system works and compensates for trauma, a whole world of healing opens up. Students will learn multiple pranayama and regulation techniques along with the ethics of working with those healing from trauma. Additionally, students will also learn how to teach a trauma-sensitive yoga class. Text: $48 Supplies: $10

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Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - YO 452 – Yoga – Yogic Somatic Psychology & Assessment

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