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August Gifts and Graces - Call of the wild….

Friday, Aug 6, 2021

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

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Join Melissa Kim Corter, a SWIHA graduate, and a few of the Wild Woman authors for a gathering of the wild ones. In our world today, we are inundated with noise and opinions. We often dismiss inner guidance to fit in, not stand out, and go with the constructs society has created around us.

What if the time we are living in contains a deeper, more profound way of living and prospering in the world?

What if you can access a potent archetypal aspect of your being...fast, easily, and without the need for external validation?

What if YOU are the medicine you have been waiting for?

Melissa Kim Corter will share a guided experience from her book Wild Woman's Book of Shadows, discuss the Wild Woman (or Man) Archetype, and how we can honor “the call of the wild”.

If you would like to purchase the book click on the link below:
The Amazon Kindle Book Link for online sales: https://www.amazon.com/Wild-Womans-Book-Shadows-Practices-ebook/dp/B0977H1VXN

**This is a complimentary event**
In-person or via Facebook LIVE.
Please RSVP at rsvp@swiha.edu

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Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
1538 E. Southern Ave
Tempe, AZ 85282

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