FAQ’s for the Online Bookstore

How do I find my course materials on the website?

  1. Go to: https://healingpages.swiha.com/shop/ols/categories/bundles
  2. Scroll to find the class code of your scheduled class and click to select
    a. Please note: If you do not see your class code, there is not a required book for the class
  3. Under the description of the book/material, it will be indicated if there are other required books/materials for the class
  4. If this view is overwhelming, you can click on the magnifying glass and type the course code (without spaces) into the search box
    a. For example: tp106
    b. The results will show all of the materials that are required and recommended for the course.
    c. Click on the book
  5. Select ‘Add to Cart’
  6. If more items need to be added to your cart before checking out, then select ‘Continue Shopping’ in the upper left hand corner
  7. When ready to checkout, click the shopping cart in the upper right hand corner and then select ‘Checkout’
  8. Enter your personal information and payment information and select submit
    a. Please be sure to review your personal information and shipping address before submitting your order
    b. If you are utilizing a Financial Aid Book Card, please be sure the card number is accurate before submitting your order
    i. You may want to copy/paste your FA Card # to minimize mistakes

I don’t see my class code listed, how do I get the materials?

If you do not see your class code listed, that means there are no materials required for purchase at this time. However, as our materials are subject to change, it is an extremely good idea to check back closer to the start of your class date to see if any materials have been added.

I don’t know what my course codes are, can I order without those?

No. We do not allow returns on items unless you drop the class, so it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you have your course schedule close at hand when ordering. If you order for HN 240-OL and your course code is actually HN 242-OL, you will receive the wrong materials and they will not be eligible for return. Please only order a bundle if the listing exactly matches what is on your schedule. If you do not have your schedule, reach out to your student advisor or student services to obtain it. Do not order your materials until you have your schedule.

I found my course code on the website, but the listing actually has two course codes listed. What does this mean?

This simply means that the materials for both classes are the same. You only need to order the materials one time and you will have everything you need for both classes listed.

How do I know what items are in each bundle?

Each bundle will list what items are in it. Once you click on the bundle, you will see the course code and name in bold print. Directly below that it will say “This bundle includes:” and will then list each item in the bundle. We also have thumbnail images of the items. There is one large image, and if there are multiple items, you will see tiny thumbnails directly below the main image. You can click on these tiny thumbnails to enlarge the image to get a visual of what items come in the bundle.

I already own some of the items that are included in the bundle. How do I get my materials without getting a duplicate of something I already own?

We have all our required materials listed for individual purchase under the corresponding categories. So if you need to purchase a DVD by itself instead of as part of the bundle, you would simply look under the “DVD’s” listing to find it for individual purchase. Books will be under the “Books” listing, CD’s under the “CD’s” listing, and so on. This is especially important because some of our classes use the same books, along with ones that vary from class to class. For example, our MG classes use several of the same books in multiple classes. Please ensure you thoroughly read each listing and do not purchase books you already have from a previous class, as they will not be eligible for return.

I ordered a bundle without reading what came with it and now I have a duplicate book. Can I return this for a refund?

No. We only accept returns on classes that have been dropped. If you are actively enrolled in the class or have completed the class, we cannot accept a return on your materials. If you order a bundle without reviewing the items and end up with a duplicate item, we cannot accept a return on your materials. This is why it is so important to read the bundle listing in its entirety to ensure you are not purchasing something you already own. If you have a duplicate item, you may want to reach out to your classmates and see if anyone is in need of what you have and work out a deal with them.

I’m taking a class that requires a kit for purchase. Can you tell me what’s in the kit so I can just buy the essential oils on my own instead of through the bookstore?

It is required to purchase the kits through us, to ensure all of the students are working with the same materials and to ensure the most effective and balanced learning experience for everyone involved. Some essential oil brands are of very shoddy reputation and quality. We use Elizabeth Van Buren oils to guarantee the best possible quality for our students, as we want our students to have the quality of their ingredients match the quality of their education. We use several high-grade essential oils that would be far too expensive to purchase individually on your own. If students were to purchase each of the required oils on their own, the cost of the oils alone would be well over $200, and that is before factoring in the other kit components. By purchasing the kit through SWIHA, you are guaranteed the highest quality oils for the best possible price in a large enough quantity to complete your assignments with enough left over to practice a bit on your own.

Do I have to purchase my materials through the Online Bookstore?

While we do not require you to purchase your materials through us, with the exception of kits and SWIHA-published materials, please be aware of the fact that materials are subject to change. If you purchase your materials through us and they change before you take your class, we can work with you to exchange the materials out for the correct items. If you purchase from anywhere else, we advise checking to make sure you will be able to perform a return before buying the materials. If the materials change and you purchased them through another source, you will not be able to return them to us. For our Financial Aid students: Your FA book card will only work in our physical store or in the online store. You are welcome to purchase materials elsewhere, but you will not be able to use your FA book card for those purchases and will need to pay out-of-pocket.

Can I just go ahead and order my materials for all my classes at one time?

No. We have a four class maximum on orders. If you place an order for more than four classes, your order will be cancelled and you will be asked to place a new one with four or less classes on it. The reason for this is that our materials are subject to change and ordering more than two months in advance increases the possibility that the materials will change by the time your class starts. You would then incur the responsibility of checking back to see if the materials have changed and reaching out to the Online Bookstore to enact an exchange for the new materials. You will also be financially responsible for all shipping charges, as well as any price increase for the new materials. In the end, it is much less headache to just order your materials 1-2 months in advance, as there is much less likelihood that they will change in that time. Please keep in mind that ‘workarounds’ to this policy will not work. If you try to purchase the items individually instead of as a bundle so as to avoid the four class maximum, we know which items are required for each class and will still be able to tell that you are ordering for more than four classes. The same goes for trying to place two separate orders for the maximum classes allowed. We have actual humans processing these orders who will know if someone has placed two orders for the maximum amount of classes in a short period of time. Please do not attempt workarounds to this policy. It will only cause your order to be cancelled and your materials to be delayed. This policy is in place for your benefit, so we respectfully request that you do not violate it, as it will only negatively affect your education experience.

How do I use my Financial Aid to purchase items?

There is not an option to enter your Financial Aid Book Card number on the payment screen, so you will need to closely follow these instructions to ensure your order gets processed.

  1. On the payment screen, select Financial Aid Book Card Number (the very last option under Payment)
  2. Click on “Complete your order”
  3. Once you complete your order, you will be taken to a screen that provides you with an order number as well as an email (healingpages@swiha.edu).
  4. Email Healing Pages at healingpages@swiha.edu with your order #, and Financial Aid Book Card # to ensure your order is paid for and processed in a timely manner.

How can I make sure I don’t run out of Financial Aid funds before the end of my program?

There are a few ways to maximize your FA funds to last for your entire program.

  1. Make sure you are only ordering for classes you are scheduled to take.
    We do not accept returns on items unless you drop the class, so if you order materials for classes you are not scheduled to take, you will not be able to return the items and may run out of funds before purchasing the materials you need for classes you are taking. This is why we ask you to wait until you have your schedule prior to ordering your materials.
  2. Make sure you are not purchasing items you may already own.
    Some of our classes use the same materials as classes you may have previously taken. We list every single item that comes in each bundle on the bundle listing. We also state when a material has been used in a previous class to better help you determine whether or not you may already have it. We provide all the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions, but it is up to you to read the bundle listing in its entirety or to reach out to us for clarification prior to placing your order. Remember, items cannot be returned unless you drop the class, so it is your responsibility to make sure you are not purchasing duplicate items/items you already own.
  3. Maximize your order size.
    We allow students to order up to but no more than four class bundles at a time. We strongly encourage our students to order the maximum allowed on each order, as this will cut down on shipping costs. Keep in mind, though, that orders exceeding four classes will be automatically cancelled. This is non-negotiable and is in place for our students sake, as materials are subject to and do change, as we work to keep you provided with the most relevant materials available.
  4. Resist the urge to buy non-required items.
    We proudly carry a large selection of tarot cards, candles, tapestries, gemstones, and other items relevant to the interests of our students. The urge to spend your FA money on some of these items may be very strong, but we must really stress the importance of only using your FA for required materials. This is not to say you cannot purchase non-required items during your time at SWIHA; we just ask that you place a separate order using a credit card to purchase anything that is not required for class. Another option is to wait until the end of your program; any funds you have remaining on your card at the end of your successfully completed program can be spent however you like.

Using these few tips will go a long ways towards making sure your Financial Aid lasts for the duration of your program. And, as always, if you ever need any assistance or answers, please reach out to us! We are here to help you succeed and want to see all of our students do the best they can, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

I got an email after I placed my order saying I need to contact the Online Bookstore for payment, but I know I have enough money on my card to cover my order.

We manually process our FA payments, so until we go in and collect the payment, the website is viewing your order as needing payment and is just trying to be helpful by reaching out to you. Anytime you receive that notice you can ignore it. If there is ever an issue with payment on your order, you will receive an email from Jesse Durham (jessea@swiha.edu) or Michelle Griffin (michelleg@swiha.edu) requesting clarification or payment. Please make sure you are checking your emails and voicemails regularly in case we are trying to reach you to resolve any issues with your order. You may also want to add Jesse’s or Michelle’s email to your address book, along with healingpages@swiha.edu to ensure you are receiving communications from us. We can only ship orders when payment is received in full, so if we cannot reach you, we cannot resolve any issues and we cannot get your order out to you.

How can I find out how much money I have on my FA Book Card?

There is a 1-800 number on the back of your FA Book Card that you can call to find out your balance. You can also contact the OL Bookstore, just make sure you have your Book Card handy to provide the number for us to look up.

Number to check your balance: 1-800-242-5353
Follow the prompts to check your balance.

I don’t have enough money on my FA book card to cover the cost of my order, how do I get more funds?

If you do not have enough money on your FA card, you may be eligible for a reload. Most of our students are awarded more funds than we can fit on their card, so when you spend down enough we can load the excess funds on to the card. This can be handled one of two ways

  1. (RECOMMENDED) You can call the number on the back of your card to check your balance. If you are getting low (around $100 or less), you can proactively reach out to your Financial Aid advisor to see if you have any more funds available. If so, they will issue a reload voucher and we will load those funds onto your card in plenty of time for your next order. If you do not have any excess funds, you may be able to apply for more, depending on where you are at with your credit hours. This method is ideal because you are ensuring you have funds on your card in advance of placing an order, so that there is no wait time on receiving your materials.
  2. If you do not want to track your funds, we can do so for you. When you place an order and do not have enough funds to cover it, we will reach out to Financial Aid to see if a reload is available. If so, we will handle the reload issuance and loading of new funds and process your order once we receive the funds. If no funds are available, Financial Aid will reach out to you to let you know what you need to do to move forward. The drawback to this method is that if you place an order and need the materials right away, there may be a delay of up to a week while we submit for more funds and process the reload. If you are ordering your materials well in advance, this won’t be a problem, but if you know you have a tendency to wait until the last moment, we would strongly advise using the proactive method mentioned above to ensure you receive your materials on time.

Financial Aid told me I don’t have any more funds available. Can I do a split payment with my FA Book Card and my Credit Card?

If you know you don’t have any more funds coming in and do not have enough to cover the cost of your order, it is possible to do a split payment between your FA Book Card and a Credit Card. Please follow these instructions closely to avoid having the total amount charged to your credit card.

  1. Order your materials as you normally would.
  2. When you reach the payment screen, select Financial Aid and submit your order.
  3. Once you have your order number, email healingpages@swiha.edu with your order number, Financial Aid number, and a message stating you would like to complete the payment with a Credit card.
  4. We will reach out to you to obtain the credit card number for us to manually process the remaining balance on your order.
  5. DO NOT ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER INTO THE PAYMENT SCREEN. This will cause your credit card to be charged the full amount. While we can always refund you the difference, it can take 24-72 hours to go through, depending on your bank, and may cause overdraft fees or other inconveniences for you that you would probably prefer to avoid.

How long before I receive my order?

Shipping takes 5-7 business days, which excludes holidays and weekends. Orders can take up to 72 hours to process, and we do not process orders on the weekends. If you place your order late on a Friday, you may not receive it until almost 2 weeks later, since it would not be processed until Monday morning and would be picked up late on Monday afternoon and would not start moving towards its destination until Tuesday and would not move on the weekend. Please be aware of when your class starts when you are placing your order and plan accordingly. If you have a class starting on Monday and place your order the Friday before it starts, you will most likely not receive it in time to complete your first week’s assignments. Please plan accordingly when ordering your materials and try to place your order about 4-6 weeks prior to your classes start date to ensure you receive them in plenty of time to review your materials before your class starts and resolve any issues. It is the student’s responsibility to order their materials in time for their classes. Several students find it helpful to program reminder alerts into their phones so that they don’t even have to think about it; they just get a calendar alert reminding them to order their materials.

I ordered my materials late and need them shipped faster. What are my options?

You do have the option of having your materials expedited to you however, it can get rather expensive. If you need your materials expedited, please reach out to the OL Bookstore, either by phone or email, and we will work out the various costs for expedited options. Since it varies by package weight and region it is shipping to, we must manually calculate the cost for you. The options available are: Next Day Air, 2-Day Air, and 3 Day Select. Do keep in mind that with Next Day Air, we are basically purchasing a plane ticket for your package, so even one book can cost upwards of $70 to overnight. The more books you need shipped, the more expensive it is going to be. The best way to avoid this is to set reminders for yourself to ensure you are ordering your materials in plenty of advance.

I got my order but I seem to be missing something/received the wrong item/received a broken item.

This is another reason it is so important to order in advance. We strive to be as accurate as possible at all times, but we are human and mistakes do happen and things do get broken in transit. Ordering your materials a few weeks out gives us time to resolve any issues that may have occurred with your order. If you received an item that broke during transit, you may be asked to provide a picture of the broken item. Once we verify that the item is broken, we will ship a replacement. If you received an incorrect item we will resolve it one of a few different ways. If you are going to eventually need the book you were mistakenly sent, we will simply ship you the correct book and you can hang on to the one you were accidentally shipped to be used for an upcoming class. If you will not need the book you were mistakenly sent, we will include a pre-paid label along with instructions on how to use it when we send you the correct book. All that is required of you is to put the incorrect book(s) in the correct package, put the label on the package and drop it off with the appropriate shipping carrier. If you do not ship the book back, however, you will be charged for the shipping label.

Can I return my materials after I have completed the course?

No. We only accept returns for classes you have dropped. If you are actively enrolled in, or have already completed the class, your materials are ineligible for return. We do not offer a buy-back program for used books for our online students. If you are local or will be traveling in the area, you are more than welcome to come in to our physical bookstore to sell back your books for a percentage of the original cost, so long as they are currently being used for required materials and are in like-new condition with no writing, highlighting, dog-eared pages, or any other damage. Or you can always join our online Facebook community and post in there to see if any upcoming new students might like to purchase your used materials from you at a lower cost than what they would pay in the bookstore for new materials. The Facebook community can be found by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/248103885523112/
Please understand that if you choose to sell any items through our Facebook community that you assume all risks and liability. SWIHA and Healing Pages Bookstore will not post any items or enact any sales on your behalf, nor will we process and accept payment for any transactions in our Facebook community. The responsibility for the sale, shipment, and payment of any items bought or sold in the Facebook community are entirely that of the parties involved.

I dropped a class/my program. How do I return my materials for credit?

We only allow returns on materials for classes that you have been dropped from. If you have been dropped from your classes, then just follow the instructions below to return your materials for a refund. Please be sure to read the instructions in their entirety to ensure that you are able to receive the maximum amount possible refunded and that you do not return any items that are not eligible.

  1. You will need to first obtain a Drop Slip from Bernadett, which you can do by emailing her at bernadettb@swiha.edu
  2. Once you have the Drop Slip, you will need to fill out a return form. The return form is included with every order, so you should have one, but you may always request a new one be emailed to you. Fill out this form as completely as possible; the more information, the faster we can process your refund.
  3. Your next step will be to pack up the items that are eligible for return (see the list below). Please make sure that everything is snugly packed inside the box. If there is a lot of empty space in the box, the materials will get jostled and damaged and may not be eligible for a full refund. We can only offer a 100% refund if the materials are in brand-new, resalable condition, so a little bit of packing material can really help out.
  4. Once everything is all filled out and packed up, you will just need to ship the materials back to us at the following address:

    Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
    Attn: Online Bookstore/Jesse Durham
    1538 E. Southern Ave.
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    I strongly advise using a shipping method that provides you with a tracking number, as we can only do the refund if the package arrives. A tracking number will help you troubleshoot any shipping issues that may arise and ensure your package safely makes it back to us.
  5. Once I receive your package, I will look over the materials to determine their condition, and will issue your refund accordingly. If you paid with a credit card, the charges will be put back on your card. If you paid with a Financial Aid Book Card, I will notify our Finance Department to credit your account in the amount of the refund so that you are not billed for those charges.

Items and their eligibility for return (Please read carefully. Any items that are returned that are not eligible for return will NOT be credited to your account):
Books: Original condition only. This means, amongst other things, no writing/highlighting/dog-eared pages/damage to the cover or pages, including water, oil, food, etc.
Kits: Original packaging. No returns/credit on partial kits allowed.
CD: Unopened. Original packaging.
Webcam or Headset: Unopened. Original packaging.
DVD: Not eligible for return.

Please also keep in mind that we do not refund shipping, so even if every single item you purchased is eligible for return, you will still not receive a 100% refund. If you paid with Financial Aid, our Billing Department will be in touch with you about your remaining balance due.

I placed an order and it’s been over two weeks and I have not received it yet/my package shows it was delivered but I never actually received it, what should I do?

As stated in the Terms & Conditions that you agree to when placing an order: The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier. Once the package leaves our facility, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact the shipping carrier in regards to any issues or delays that arise with their package. Healing Pages Bookstore is not responsible for contacting the shipping carrier to resolve any issues; that responsibility rests with the purchaser.

If you have not received your order in the allotted time frame (5-7 business days, excludes holidays and weekends) you will need to contact the shipping carrier to determine the location of your package. You can do this by using the tracking number that you received from said shipping carrier. Any time we ship you a package, you will get a notification from the shipping carrier that contains your shipping information, as well as a tracking number.

Please be aware: this is NOT the email you receive from us saying that your order has been shipped. This is a SEPARATE email that will come from either UPS Worldship or the United States Post Office. This notice will be sent to whatever email address you enter on your order, so please make sure you are checking your spam folder on the corresponding email as these will sometimes get routed to the spam folder. The emails from the Post Office are sent with the subject line “Healing Pages Bookstore has sent you a package” while the ones from UPS will come from “UPS Quantum View”

I moved, how do I make sure my packages get delivered to my new address?

Just make sure you enter your new address under “shipping address” on the website. We ship to whatever address is on the order, rather than pull the address from your school file, so as long as you enter the correct address, you will get your order shipped there. The same works if you will be traveling and need to have your order shipped to a friend’s house or a hotel, or if you are ordering materials for someone else and need to ship to their address. We can make changes to the address after the order has been submitted, but not once it has shipped. If you realize that you entered the wrong address after you have submitted your order, contact us as quickly as possible so we can make the necessary corrections before we ship your order.

I finished my program but still have funds left on my card, what happens to them?

You have two options:

  1. Financial Aid can cut you a check for your remaining balance. You can then use these funds to make a payment on your loan so as to reduce the amount you owe. You can also keep the funds for yourself, of course, however it is strongly encouraged to start reducing your student loans as soon as possible.
  2. You can spend the remaining funds in the Online Bookstore on whatever you would like. Some students like to ‘treat themselves’ to some of our general merchandise at the end of their program. While this is 100% allowed and a nice way to reward yourself for the successful completion of your program, keep in mind that these funds are a loan and therefore will need to be paid back, and you will start accruing interest on your loan after a certain point. So while it’s not the worst thing to buy yourself a nice tapestry, you may want to consider that you’ll be paying it off with interest as you pay back your loan. So long as you successfully complete your program, the funds will remain on your card indefinitely; they do not need to be used right away.

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