Massage Clinic Therapies/Modalities

Massage Therapies

Deep Tissue

Slow, deep compressions and strokes affect the deeper structures of the muscular skeletal system, skin, and superficial fascia. Deep Tissue utilizes these strokes as a wonderful way for treating new and old injuries, increasing range of motion, and reducing scar tissue.


Joining trigger point and meridian therapy, this treatment is specifically designed to relieve those suffering from Fibromyalgia.


Lymphatic massage is a gentle and wonderful way to promote balance of the body’s internal chemistry, purify and regenerate tissues, normalize functions of organs, and promote immune system function.


A complete system of therapeutic massage utilizing advanced assessment skills to determine the holding patterns of the body. The body is revitalized, rehabilitated, and restored to its natural state of harmony through the use of range of motion, therapeutic ‘platform’, and deep tissue release techniques. The treatments are interactive and very energetic in design.


This is a safe, gentle, and highly effective therapy for the mom-to-be. Pregnancy massage will relax tense muscles while stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and promote balance in the endocrine system. This massage is ideal for women in their 2nd trimester. (Only offered with an LMT)


This modality is the most common form of massage. Swedish relaxes muscles and eases aches and pains. Long connective strokes create a gentle, therapeutic massage experience.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

A unique healing massage derived from the ancient Polynesians and master healers of Hawaii, based on the philosophies of Huna. Huna refers to the notion that everything seeks harmony and love. Thus, Lomi Lomi can translate to “Loving Hands” massage. It works gently, yet deeply, into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes; totally nurturing the body, mind, and spirit which enables the client to relax, give in, and simply be. Prayer, intention, and breath serve as the healing foundation. The techniques help the body to open so that Mana (vital force) can flow more easily, restoring greater health.

Energy Body Work Therapies


This energy-based therapy integrates Polarity and touch to balance the body, release restrictions, and relieve stress in the cerebral spinal complexes, allowing the body to reconnect with its healing core energy.


As a full, holistic care system, this therapy combines hands-on contact, toning, breathing, and gentle counseling techniques which facilitate the body in emotional and mental releases, as well as moves trapped energy in the physical body to release pain.


The human body mirrors itself in reflex points located in the feet, hands, and ears. Reflexology is the application of pressure and movement to these areas to remove congested energy which releases stress and tension in other parts of the body creating physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.


Reiki balances the energy field on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical plane. Reiki therapy assists in resolving problems, achieving goals, connecting to one’s higher consciousness, and spiritual purpose.

Myofascial Energetic Massage

All the layers of the tissue are addressed in this approach. It works on tension patterns that are repetitive in nature, which are causes for pain. The constrictions in the skin, superficial fascia, fascia, myofascial or muscle, joints, and bone are assessed and released. The fluid between the layers is stabilized, and energy can run more freely throughout the body.

Asian Bodywork


Thai massage incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching, and rhythmic compression to create a single, healing experience.

Thai Foot Massage

This type of ‘footwork’ is practiced throughout southern Thailand and is taught at the Wat Po Traditional Medial School in Bangkok. Our practitioners will give your feet a soothing, restful, hour-long massage by using deep pressure, warming lotions, and a wooden dowel.

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