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Spirit of Yoga is Southwest Institute of Healing Art (SWIHA)’s world-class yoga studio and teacher training center located in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. Our intention is to provide a sanctuary to those who seek yoga as a path to self-realization and celebrate the personal-spiritual connection inherent within the practice of yoga. Yoga Teacher Training as well as regularly scheduled community yoga classes are held in its three spacious, beautifully-appointed studio spaces. Spirit of Yoga is a reprieve for those practicing and learning the art and science of yoga and finding a path to mind-body wellness. We honor the personal-spiritual connection inherent in the practice of yoga.

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Along with transformational Yoga Teacher Training programs and several yoga-centered elective courses, Spirit of Yoga offers regularly scheduled drop-in yoga classes to the community at our brand new, tranquil, and state of the art yoga studio and auxiliary facility. Our clients love that we offer a comprehensive schedule of various yoga styles & disciplines because it empowers them to customize their individual yoga practice. Deepen your personal practice at SWIHA's world-class training institute and auxiliary facility Spirit of Yoga.

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