Title IX Sequence of Events

This page provides a high-level overview of the full Title IX Grievance process, separate by whether that process is an informal or formal complaint process.

Overall steps in the grievance process

  1. Formal complaint received by Title IX Coordinator.
  2. Review and provide supportive measures as necessary.
  3. Determine if the received complaint meets the criteria for a violation of Sexual Harassment under Title IX regulations.
    1. If the allegations do not meet the standard of Sexual Harassment as defined in Title IX, SWIHA will:
      1. Send notice to all parties.
      2. Provide supportive measures as needed
      3. Reserve the right to pursue action under SWIHA’s Code of Conduct.
    2. If the allegations do meet the standard of Sexual Harassment as defined in Title IX, SWIHA will:
      1. Determine if either formal or informal process is most applicable to the received complaint.
      2. Continue with the informal or formal process as written below.

    Informal Process

    1. Notification of informal complaint to all parties.
    2. Acknowledgment of informal process from all parties.
    3. Scheduling of mediated session to resolve complaint.
    4. Written Notice of Summary of the conclusion of the informal process, including the determination of the responsibility of the respondent and any remedies to be implemented.
    5. Implement remedies, if any, as determined by the process of informal resolution.

    Formal Process

    1. Notification of formal complaint to all parties.
    2. Complete investigative process including the complainant, respondent, and all relevant evidentiary parties and material (inculpatory and exculpatory).
    3. Notice of Summary of Investigation sent to all parties.
    4. Review period for all parties to revise or clarify or contest provided evidence.
    5. If necessary, revision of investigative summary and additional dissemination of revised summary for review by all parties.
    6. Schedule and conduct formal hearing
    7. Disseminate Decision-Maker’s Written Determination
    8. Allow for appeal of Written Determination of responsibility
    9. Send final Written notice of Determination if the first was appealed.
    10. Implement remedies, if any, as determined by Decision-Maker.

    Title IX Table of Contents

    1. Title IX Overview and Coordinator Information
    2. Title IX Sequence of Events
    3. Grievance Process Detail
    4. Important Definitions
    5. Important Title IX Procedures
    6. Title IX Training Materials

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