AR 425 – Aromatherapy – Massage with Oils

Experience the connection of body, mind and spirit, using true essential oils. Learn how oils affect the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, enhancing their role in wellness. Students will learn how to blend oils and massage this intricate system. PRERQ MT 200 or licensed or instructor approval. Supplies: $35. BW (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

AR 125 – Aromatherapy – Essential Oil Hydrating Wrap

This Aromatherapy treatment starts with dry brushing. Essential oils penetrate into tissues while the client is wrapped and relaxed. Students will learn the benefits of essential oils and household products that can be used for hydrating wraps. Bring sheets, bath towel and 3 hand towels PRERQ MT 200 or licensed or instructor approval. Supplies: $20 BW (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

RF 162 – Toe Reading II – Soul Coaching – Facilitated Dialogue

Level II will concentrate on mastering facilitating dialogue in such a way as to help shift someone’s awareness of how they are, and how they can be, in the world by asking penetrating soul coaching questions. An introduction to where the chakra information is holographically stored within the toes and feet will be explored to further help refine the predictable sites of sacred life stories. A ‘Royal Reading’, complete with washing the of the feet and the use of blended essential oils is taught to help create trust, ritual, blessings and sacred space with your client to deepen the discoveries from the soul in a toe reading session. Come and unlock your ability to be a true Sole/Soul Coach with this powerful modality. PRERQ RF 151 or RF 150-OL Read More

AR 106 – Aromatherapy for the Spirit

This class is designed for all Energy Workers, Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Toe Readers, as well as anyone who would like to infuse the power of essential oils in their sacred work. Together we will explore the use of oils for protection, empowerment, and release. Use for your environment, yourself as a facilitator and for your client's spiritual and emotional needs. This is a very detailed class that will include hands on use of essential oils in a variety of applications. Supply Fee: $75 Text:$20 Read More

AR 110 – Aromatherapy – Pharmacology

This course aims to cultivate responsible aromatherapy practitioners by grounding students with a basic understanding of organic chemistry as related to the use of essential oils. Students will review the classification of essential plant oils, and learn their interactions, side effects and contraindications. PRERQ: AR100 (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

AR 120 – Aromatherapy – Therapeutic Touch

Bringing together the science of aromatherapy with the physical and spiritual benefits of Therapeutic Touch, this introductory course trains students to interact with the body’s energy field and enhance healing by skillfully incorporating essential oils into treatment. Supplies: $20. (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

AR 300 – Aromatherapy – Toning & DeTox

This course applies aromatherapy practice to toning and detoxification treatments. Learn the properties and uses of essential oils and clays that tone skin and detoxify the body. Among other ailments, students will learn to treat cellulite, as well as how to incorporate responsible diet and exercise practices into treatment. This is a detailed lecture class with hands on formulating. Supplies: $20. (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

AR 113 – Aromatherapy – Intro for Yoga Teachers

Learn how to enhance any style of yoga or massage practice with essential oils. Basic history, production and safety is integrated into specialized yoga and hands on applications. You will learn how to create multiple products such as muscle balms, personal meditation roll-ons, mat sprays, yogi body wipes and much more. Supply Fee $75 (includes all projects and personal set of 10 pure organic premium grade essential oils) — HELD AT SWIHA ***Bring a yoga mat and notebook. Read More

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