Mindful Meditation Facilitator

Mindful Meditation Facilitator Online Program

Certificate of Excellence – 100 Hours Online

This 100-hour online Certificate of Excellence will allow students to explore various meditation techniques, reframe their understanding of meditation, practice mindful meditation, and cultivate the skills necessary to guide clients through mindful meditation.

Start Dates


October 30, 2023
February 26, 2024

Serving as a mindful meditation facilitator offers a unique opportunity to support others in discovering their personal doorway into meditation and ultimately, into presence. You will learn about deepening your personal meditation practice holding space through conscious connecting, developing language that invites permission and safety, incorporating guided meditation scripts into client sessions, and following your intuitive intelligence to guide clients through meditation. Our certificate of excellence programs are avocational, and these courses/programs are designed exclusively for personal or professional development and enhancement.

  • Establish a formal mindfulness practice
  • Develop ability to recognize instances of informal mindfulness
  • Connect with natural pathway into meditation
  • Facilitate complete mindful meditation session with volunteer client
  • Develop skills of discernment, narrowing focus, and illuminating intentions in client sessions
  • Cultivate balance amidst contradictions of mindfulness
Mindful Meditation Facilitator

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NOTE: Certificates of Excellence are areas of concentration designed to take as CEU’s or to be taken within a diploma or degree program; they will not prepare you for gainful employment if taken independently. Only vocational programs of 600 hours or more are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

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