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My instructor shows a great deal of passion for his subject and is very patient and understanding.

Candace G.

My Instructor is simply an AWESOME, WONDERFUL, GIVING, UNDERSTANDING and very OUTGOING and APPROACHABLE. She was very giving of her time and attention and she was very motivating throughout the whole 10 weeks of class. She stayed in constant contact with me through every message I sent out to her and re-motivated me with every reply she sent! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this class BECAUSE of the instructor that I was blessed with. I cannot say enough positive and or great things about her. THAT is how much of an impact she has had on my learning and my life. Thank you!

Kammy N.

My instructor was great and very encouraging! When I was behind, she sent me a supportive and uplifting e-mail that really helped to keep me on track in the class.

Trisha T.

SWIHA had wonderfully warm customer service whenever I needed to do business over the phone. I also received prompt responses to all email questions and they had easy to use websites and a lot Interesting course offerings.

Tara V.

My instructor really went the extra mile; the feedback was very helpful and she was very good about commenting and touching base for every assignment.

Cyndi E.

This was a very informative class. I enjoyed it and will be able to use the information I learned for clients, friends, and family.

Shelley V.

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