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My instructor is a true SAINT when it comes to being there for her students. I cannot say enough about my admiration for her.

Kammy N.

My teacher provided great feedback to each student. The feedback greatly impacted my learning from this class. I appreciated the positive constructed criticism he provided.

Shayla M.

My instructor is so beautiful! Through her teaching my life has changed forever in amazing ways. Thank you for guiding me further along my transformational journey.

Mishelle K.

Once again another great instructor at SWIHA, thank you.

Marion H.

I had an amazing teacher! Everything I could hope. She commented on every post and assignment with valuable insight. She did an audio review of every week going over all the material in detail. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate… I am honored that she puts so much into her teaching.

Martha H.

I thought the workload was great because it didn’t stress me out. I learned a lot and feel satisfied with the amount of knowledge I gained from the course. This was one of my favorite classes in SWIHA. I felt like a Hogwarts student. It was wonderful! So much fun.

Amanda R.

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