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Massage Therapist William Mauzerall: Listening With His Hands and His Heart

William Mauzerall’s transformational journey from military service to massage therapist is an inspirational testimony of accepting and leaning into life’s opportunities. William, an honored military veteran, completed three years of services to our country and found himself at a crossroads after completing his military career. Having been fortunate to have the GI Bill assist with funding his educational dreams, William asked for guidance from his brother on the educational direction in which he should travel. William, a strategic thinker with an openness to consider many educational endeavors pursued the Massage Therapy program at SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Art) for a few reasons: He would earn an associate’s degree from an accredited institution, he could enjoy the climate of the Southwest and it was a program that gave him man options to choose from in developing his gifts. William describes a peace and serenity in making his decision to pursue … Read More

Helping People Transform with Intuitive Life Coaching

How Great Graduate Kelly T. Smith Created a Successful Holistic Wellness Business Intuition. We all have it, and some of us might be more in tune with it than others, but it’s there. It’s that gut feeling, that little voice inside our heads, the answers that live within our hearts and souls. As a natural intuitive and trained Life Coach, it makes sense that Kelly T. Smith created a life coaching business that helps clients look inside to reach their fullest potential. A graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) Associate of Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program online, Kelly combines the many tools she learned in her program into the work she does in her business, Intuitive Life Coaching With Kelly. “I feel my intuitive abilities really came forward because SWIHA was a safe place to honor this side of me,” Kelly says about her journey with SWIHA. “I am … Read More

Meet Great Graduate Tara Martineau

SWIHA Graduate Tara Martineau is a Transformational Reiki practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, and intuitive Toe Reader. Tara is excited to be sharing news that she has just signed a lease for her own professional suite at a retail wellness building to offer her healing arts. Tara previously mainly traveled to offer her sessions or worked from home. She also does a lot of volunteer work with her gifts at multiple locations including the Southwest HIV Center and Banner Heart Hospital. Tara has often shared her skills at the ‘Discover Your Gifts & Graces’ event every first Friday of the month at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is now growing her practice, building her clientele, expanding her business Soar to Self, and taking a leap into having her own office at the Independent Professionals Wellness Center in Mesa, AZ. Tara loves helping people rediscover themselves and incorporating aromatherapy into … Read More

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