Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training
Yoga teacher training

Some of our professional memberships and licensing agencies:

Yoga Alliance


  • Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training.
  • Accredited by ACCET – A Partnership for Quality®
  • ACCET is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

SWIHA is one of only a few nationally-accredited schools that offer independent diploma programs as well as exclusive yoga teacher training integrated with other healing arts programs. Focus solely on Yoga Teacher Training or combine your training with another career expanding area of healing arts.

SWIHA is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) through the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance; as a graduate of our YTT program, you are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance and carry the official designation of Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). SWIHA’s Unity Yoga Teacher Training provides academic structure and educational freedom while incorporating a living yoga approach. Earn your 200-hour teacher training certificate independently, or explore yoga as part of one of our diplomas programs, where you can combine yoga with Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach, or Aromatherapy. Over the years, we have integrated teachings from the Amrit Yoga Institute through the Yoga Nidra programs and the Yoga Body Psychology, both Certificates of Excellence that can be earned within our yoga programs.Our Certificate of Excellence programs are avocational, and these courses/programs are designed exclusively for personal or professional development and enhancement.

We offer three levels of Yoga Teacher Training:

Certificate of Excellence – On-campus
Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hours

Completed in just over 7 months with an AM or PM schedule, or just over 4 months with the Fast Track schedule, this program is designed to support all who wish to deepen their personal spiritual connection and master the principles and practice of Yoga, as well as learn to be a Yoga Teacher.

Learn yoga postures, and study philosophy, styles and teaching techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of this mind-body-spirit modality. In the final weeks of training, you’ll design, teach and receive coaching through actual studio classes.

What is going to cover the Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Classes
Yoga Module I – Unity Yoga Foundations
Yoga Module II – Unity Yoga Teaching Foundations
Yoga Module III – Unity Yoga Deepening the Path
Yoga – YTT 200 Practicum

From here, you can choose from two different paths in our Advanced Yoga Programs:

Diploma – On-campus
Yoga Advanced Teacher Training – 600 Hours

The Advanced 600-hour Yoga Teacher Training program builds upon our Yoga Alliance approved 200-Hour YTT program. Whether students have completed our 200-hour YTT or completed a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour program elsewhere, they are welcome to enroll in one of our advanced programs. In the 600-hour YTT program, students will complete six additional yoga-specific advanced courses, 100 hours of yoga-specific electives, and a 100-hour primary specialty of their choice. The goal of this diploma program is for aspiring yoga teachers to deepen and strengthen their yoga teaching ability, as well as chose a specialization that will widen employment options and expand the way in which they are prepared to serve in the world.

Diploma – On-campus
Advanced Yoga Teacher and Healing Arts Practitioner – 800 Hours

For those diving deep into an all-encompassing yoga career, it’s important to find the right expression of how you will serve in the world. For that reason, we offer two distinct paths: A Yoga Therapy path and a Yoga Studio Healing Arts Practitioner path. Of the Advanced Yoga classes, 240 hours are shared between the two tracks; students then select multiple 100-hour therapeutic specialties, including Yoga Nidra, Yoga Body Psychology, Reiki, Polarity, Health & Wellness Coach, Nutrition, Reflexology, or Aromatherapy. Those students choosing the Yoga Therapy track must choose only yoga-based specializations or electives.

Diploma – On-campus
Integrative Yoga Therapy – 1000 Hours

For those seeking to dive deep into an all-encompassing yoga career, our 1000-hour Integrative Yoga Therapy diploma program is the choice for you. This program builds upon our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program, with the addition of classes that will support you in offering Yoga Therapy modalities to future clients as a Yoga Therapist. Some Yoga Therapy courses include Polarity, Yoga Nidra, Integral Breath Therapy, Transformational Yoga Coaching, Sound Healing, and so much more!

In partnership with the Amrit Yoga Institute, our students will have the chance to be sponsored by Amrit to join the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT). This partnership provides the opportunity for students to start the path of becoming recognized as a C-IAYT.

Those interested in becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) through the International Association Yoga Therapy (IAYT) have three options:

  1. Start from the beginning in one of our upcoming 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training and pursue some of your Advanced coursework at the same time.
  2. If you have taken your 200 hours of YTT training from SWIHA, you can transfer those hours towards the 1000-Hr Yoga Therapy program.
  3. Transfer your 200-hour training from another Yoga Alliance-approved program and begin your advanced yoga studies as soon as your schedule aligns.

Yoga Nidra Track
Certificate of Excellence -100 Hours | Yoga – Nidra I – IV plus Practicum

Learn an ancient yoga practice that has become immensely popular in the West. SWIHA’s Yoga Nidra program teaches you how to bring body and mind into a deeply relaxed state to access and enhance healing, stress-release, and well-being. This powerful holistic practice helps your clients with physical, neurological, and subliminal needs. World-renowned instructor Kamini Desai is your guide, incorporating Western psychology with Eastern Philosophy perspectives into this much sought-after therapy.

Yoga Body Psychology Track
Certificate of Excellence -100 Hours | Yoga Body Psychology I-IV plus Practicum

The Amrit Method of Yoga Body Psychology is designed to treat visible physical symptoms and the invisible mental and emotional blocks that contribute to them. Using gravity supported, static poses held by the facilitator, or with the use of the wall or props, learn how to surface and release blockages held in the body. Deepen your experience and understanding of the energetic aspects of yoga, and learn how to integrate one of the most profound healing modalities you will ever encounter in your own practice and share it with others.

NOTE: Certificates of Excellence are areas of concentration designed to take as CEU’s or to be taken within a diploma or degree program; they will not prepare you for gainful employment if taken independently. Only vocational programs of 600 hours or more are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

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We will never sell or share your information with anyone.

I hereby give my express consent for Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to contact me by phone, email, mail, and/or text message.


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