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YO 128 – Yoga for PTSD

In today’s society yoga teachers are finding that more and more veterans, first responders and trauma victims are reaching out and practicing yoga hoping to find relief, stability and an internal sense of balance. This training is designed to help define and recognize the difference in the behavior presented by those experiencing post event stress. Learn the basics of Critical Incident Stress Management and information regarding the symptoms and effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Acute Stress Disorder -vs- Chronic Stress Disorder will be discussed with an emphasis on understanding re-experience, avoidance and hyper vigilance. You will be provided with yoga class structures best suited for this special population, along with methods to assist victims of PTSD who appear in your open yoga class. Text $18 Read More

YO 406 – Yoga Nidra VI – Advanced Techniques Part II

This weekend we will study the Yoga Sutras and how it points to the true spiritual depth of Yoga Nidra. You will learn how to use Yoga Nidra protocols to aid those seeking emotional integration and solutions for trauma, PTSD and other forms of energetic blockages. We will survey the latest scientific research as it relates to Yoga Nidra and the treatment of PTSD. Finally, you will learn how to best bring Yoga Nidra to kids. With a new unique yoga nidra deck specially designed for kids, we will show you which techniques are appropriate to various age groups and needs at various stages of childhood development. PREREQ: YO 401-405 SUPPLY: $25 AUC Read More

My First Saguaro Floral Essence By Kathy Koziol, SWIHA Yoga Therapist Graduate

With the saguaro cacti in bloom, I am reminded of the very first floral essence I created. It was a memorable experience that produced a potent brew! I’d love to share my story with you: First of all, I am a Cactus Whisperer. I have had a connection with plants my entire life. It’s a gift that was given to me by my mother. Since I love plants so much, I took the Flower Essence Course at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in July of 2014. I loved the class and bemoaned the fact that I would have to wait almost a year to create a flower essence from my favorite of all cacti, the saguaro, since their blooming season is in the April-May time frame. Before I continue with my story, you might be wondering what a flower essence is. A lot of people mistakenly believe that flower … Read More

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Online

View All Program Courses Career and Employment Outlook Build a profitable private practice as an integrative healing arts practitioner… from the comfort of your home! Whether you are an out-of-state student or a busy individual looking to pursue your education between the commitments of work, family, and daily life, studying online offers the freedom and flexibility you require. Our online Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma is focused on teaching you proven wellness tools, introducing mind-body-spirit balance to your life, and preparing you to meet the needs of those you will ultimately serve. Start out with a suite of courses in Transformational Life Coaching, Holistic Entrepreneurship, and Transpersonal Psychology. Gain introductory experience with such mind-body healing modalities as aromatherapy, aroma-auriculotherapy, flower essences, toe reading, and soul coaching. Then, with your newfound clarity of heart and mind, select your specializations and begin the work of building the foundations of your future business! … Read More

Yoga Electives

These elective yoga classes can be taken with a program or individually. Yoga electives at SWIHA are designed to support those who wish to deepen their personal spiritual connection while mastering the principles and practice of yoga. Blending the highest intentions of Eastern & Western philosophy and practice, our life-changing and career-elevating programs guide students through a deep exploration of the roots, practice, and development of yoga as a path to self-realization. Electives Taught by Mary Bruce YO 508 – Restorative Yoga (20 Hours) This workshop weekend can be liken to a mini-retreat. Learn how to deeply relax and restore vital energy necessary to living a whole and balanced life. Research has shown that deep relaxation affects us on a genetic level and can have profound and lasting benefits. Deep relaxation boosts the immune system and relieves fatigue, anxiety and insomnia without the use of medication. Learn a series of … Read More

Yoga Teacher Training

Meet Your Yoga Teachers: Kate ShippClick to view video Laura MckinzieClick to view video Will ZeccoClick to view video Juli BurdetteClick to view video Some of our professional memberships and licensing agencies: Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training. Accredited by ACCET – A Partnership for Quality® ACCET is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. SWIHA is one of only a few nationally-accredited schools that offer independent diploma programs as well as exclusive yoga teacher training integrated with other healing arts programs. Focus solely on Yoga Teacher Training or combine your training with another career expanding area of healing arts. Options include: Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Polarity, Cranial Unwinding, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Body Psychology, Transformational Yoga Coaching and more. We offer three levels of Yoga Teacher Training: Certificate of Excellence – On-campus Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hours Program Courses – … Read More

Yoga Teacher Training & Electives

Experience Physical & Spiritual Growth On Your Yoga Training Journey Southwest Institute of Healing Arts gives you the opportunity to study and practice an authentic expression of yoga with a transformational approach that honors a diversity of practices and belief systems. Our Yoga Teacher Training program embraces the principle of yoga as a unifying tool for creating health, well-being and a deep spiritual connection. Experience our profound trifecta of structure, freedom and support as you walk your chosen path while integrating living yoga into your life. The SWIHA Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) difference: With more than 20 years of experience in Yoga Teacher Training education, SWIHA is one of the very few nationally-accredited schools that offers independent diploma programs as well as exclusive yoga training integrated with other healing arts programs. Focus solely on Yoga Teacher Training or add yoga training to another area of holistic study. Career-expanding program options … Read More

Kathy Koziol: Magical Mala Mama

Kathy Koziol had just received her license as a Real Estate agent prior to enrolling at SWIHA. She did the job for just a single day, and immediately knew that she wanted her life to head in another direction. She was ready to fulfill her Dharma, her life’s purpose that she was Divinely designed for. Kathy had held many careers throughout her life: Elementary School Teacher, Army Officer, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Luxury Automobile Sales Consultant, Master Gardener and Stay at Home Mom (which she referred to as “Domestic Goddess). “I was very satisfied with my life and always have been. I cherish every moment of the life given to me,” shared Kathy. “Every experience I had, positive or negative, helped me to lay the foundation of where I am today.” However, she wasn’t satisfied with the path she was heading down from a career perspective. Enter SWIHA. Kathy came to … Read More

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