EC 813 – Reiki: Holy Reiki III – Heaven’s Gate

Designed to deepen your spiritual gifting through Reiki, this course teaches you to put on the whole Armor of God through Reiki as well as the science behind Reiki. We will explore the relationship between the Holy Spirit and guided intuition. This course includes attunements as well as a sacred ceremony to prepare you to step into your personal empowerment as a Reiki Master. PREREQ- EC 812. $50 FEE for AUN Read More

WH 100 – Western Herbalism – Foundations of American Herbal Studies

Course provides the basic tools of herbalism in a hands-on setting. Classes include a medicine making session and desert day field trip. Students learn herbal preparation methods, gain exposure to contemporary healing herbs and acquire knowledge to make intelligent choices in selection of medicinal herbs. This overview serves as groundwork for future studies in Western Herbalism. Text: $98 Supplies: $60. Read More

EC 812 – Reiki: Holy Reiki I & II – Discovery & Deepening

Holy Reiki acknowledges the healing power of Christ and calls upon the name of the ‘Most High’ to create current day healing. Holy Reiki is Bible-based and Christ-centered. In this class we will practice the power of prayer and affirm your personal connection to the Divine.
In preparation to become an instrument in the peace and healing of others, you will learn hands-on protocols for both self-healing and serving others. This class includes a self-discovery instrument of your spiritual gifts, ‘prayer therapy’ and ‘intercessory prayer' through 'distance Reiki’ as well as deepening your Reiki practice through Biblical application. $50 FEE for AUN Read More

EV 133 – Complimentary Introduction to Swedish Massage

Try it! See if you like it! SWIHA is offering you an opportunity to try out what it’s like to be a being a Massage Therapy student, complimentary and commitment-free! If you are searching for a new career, join us for an Introduction to Swedish Massage weekend. This experience is designed to give you a firsthand look at the healing benefits of Massage Therapy, the power of touch and the importance of professional, safe draping procedures. We will have the opportunity to explore the abundant employment opportunities available for bodywork practitioners. Contact our Admissions Department at (480) 994-9244 or by emailing The class will be limited to 14 students. Read More

EV 907 – Fired Up! Peak Performance & Empowerment Conference

Get fired up! Join us for this transformational conference of personal and professional development. Whether you’re an individual seeking empowerment or an organization seeking a powerful team building event; come discover what it takes to achieve what you most desire in life and business! Investing in yourself, your company and your teams is investing in your future! This action packed day is spirit-directed for a year of abundance, following a couple of years that have taught us resilience. Learn processes and strategies to condition your mindset, breakthrough limiting beliefs, take action and follow through with all types of goals and professional endeavors.

The culmination of the Get Fired Up Conference ends with your participation in a fire walk! It’s time for your breakthrough, surrounded by your friends, family and co-workers cheering you on! As you stand at the threshold of all that has been holding you back, you’re invited to cross over the coals. Nothing is holding you back! You are ready to take the next steps on your purposeful path. You are the fire!

-Lunch included
-Swag Bag – t-shirt, pen, journal, workbook
-Bonus Virtual Integration Seminar Live On Zoom Read More

MM 105-OL – Mindfulness: Foundations of Mindful Eating ONLINE

This introductory mindfulness course builds awareness and the ability to discern the difference between the nine kinds of hunger that are felt in the body. In addition to foundational concepts of mindful eating, you will use the regulation tool of tapping (also known as EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) for reframing limiting beliefs that arise along with those nine hungers. You’ll also practice varied ways to satisfy those nine hungers through eating and other behaviors. Text $36 Read More

MM 301-OL – Mindful Meditation Techniques ONLINE

In this course, you will experience the transition of the mindfulness practice into formal meditation. The path to wellness includes an appreciation for silence, stillness, and space. This course integrates the momentary life pauses discussed in other courses into a meditation practice. Book: $18 Pre-req: MF 101-OL Read More

MM 401-OL – Mindful Meditation Facilitator ONLINE

In this course, you will practice facilitating mindfulness with a volunteer client. You will learn part of the protocol each week and guide your client, using tools provided, to understand what mindfulness is, its benefits, and how they can begin to incorporate it into their daily lives. Book: $30 Pre-req MF 201-OL, MF 301-OL Read More

MM 101-OL – Mindfulness: Introduction ONLINE

In this introductory Mindfulness course, you will review the foundational concepts of mindfulness and experience the effects of focusing the attention on the breath and movement. You will explore the conversation that occurs between the body, mind, and spirit, learning to listen to the body on a cellular level. You’ll also experience the power of creating space between emotional awareness and behavioral response.
Book: $44 Read More

HY 351 – Hypnotherapy – Past Life Introduction

Objective is to introduce the student in the area of past life/ regression including benefits and challenges with this approach to healing. This class provides the opportunity to have past life experience. Class objectives include: discuss history of regression therapy, philosophical theories and general principles, explore use of stories and metaphors in past life regression, and experience group regression sessions. NO PRE-REQ – this is the first 4 hours of HY 350. NO GUEST PASSES ALLOWED. Read More

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