RF 162 – Toe Reading II – Soul Coaching – Facilitated Dialogue

Level II will concentrate on mastering facilitating dialogue in such a way as to help shift someone’s awareness of how they are, and how they can be, in the world by asking penetrating soul coaching questions. An introduction to where the chakra information is holographically stored within the toes and feet will be explored to further help refine the predictable sites of sacred life stories. A ‘Royal Reading’, complete with washing of the feet and the use of blended essential oils is taught to help create trust, ritual, blessings and sacred space with your client to deepen the discoveries from the soul in a toe reading session. Come and unlock your ability to be a true Sole/Soul Coach with this powerful modality. PRERQ RF 151 or RF 150-OL Read More

EC 793 – Reiki for Animals

Learn how to connect with animals using Reiki so to help them relax and become calm and to assist in the healing of non-life-threating conditions. You will be introduced to Reiki, the history of its founders, the traditional Reiki protocol and how to adapt the protocol to several varieties of animals, in various locations. You will learn how to perform Reiki with an animal from short or long distances. Learn to develop a compassionate touch toward animals and all living things.
PRE-REQ: EC 711 or EC 775 or EC 811 Read More

RF 204 – Reflexology – Clinic for Bodyworkers

Information will be provided in class to increase student knowledge regarding local, national and international organizations (related to reflexology as a profession). Professional ethics will be emphasized, including proper client paperwork and SOAP notes (especially aligned with national requirements for those students who intend to seek certification.) Supervised practice with outside clients will be arranged. PRERQ: RF 201 & RF 202 BW Bring sheets, towels and hand sanitizer. Read More

PC 110 – Polarity – Trance Counseling

We often imagine life as nothing but a series of things that happen "to" us. It is hard to see just how it is we live in self-generated realities which continue to keep us from realizing there could be a "new way", where we take responsibility for creating the life we live. Tapping deeply into the work of Milton Erickson, M.D., Stephen Wolinsky, Ph.D., and Carl Rogers, we'll take a journey into our "interpersonal feedback loops" that rules our lives unconsciously keeping us from new possibilities. BW AUC Read More

PC 999 – Polarity – Autonomic Nervous System

Autonomic nervous system is the interface between the mind and body. Advance your skills, learn different techniques to release holding patterns in the spine, brachial plexus, perineum and coccyx, while bringing the balance of the parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system. BW AUC Read More

PC 570 – Polarity – Advanced Elements

Gain a deeper relationship with the elements. Explore the physical anatomy of Dr. Stone's oval fields; learn how energy is shaped by our experiences of human behavior and culture. Discover the implications of trauma and abuse and clinical applications of Polarity Therapy to assist clients facing specific physical conditions. Minimum 8 enrolled students. PREREQ: PC 150 AUC Read More

TE 590 – Removing the Armor

Learn a basic protocol for clients who are very tight and tied-up, seemingly impossible to release. Discover important triggers to be used to release tight muscles. Understand the power and importance breathing has in releasing armor. Learn a facilitated dialogue. PRERQ: MT 200 SWEDISH OR LICENSED BW (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

PC 984 – Polarity – Advanced Supervision & Clinical Development

Polarity Advanced Supervision and Clinical Development is where advanced Polarity Practitioners will put the finishing touches on their therapeutic practice. Students will gain clarity and definition on creating advanced treatment plans and learn to speak to how they are working and why they are selecting specific protocols and/or treatments. This class is designed to sharpen Practitioner's clinical skills and help them identify how their personal experiences impact their decisions, focusing on transference and countertransference. We will explore student cases studies and any sessions or experiences that have challenged them to identify resources and resolution.
PRE-REQ: PC 960 and PC 200 Read More

PC 971 – Advanced Polarity Practitioner Clinic (RPP Clinic)

Advanced Polarity Practitioner Clinic (RPP Clinic) is the final exhibition of all skills and program competencies. Students will receive client's and complete thorough intakes and treatment plans integrating all facets of Polarity and Cranial skills. Students will receive many layers of individual feedback, focusing on their strengths and areas of opportunity as they apply to holding a therapeutic practice. This class is an opportunity for advanced students to demonstrate mastery of course content and readiness for private practice. PRE-REQ: PC 987 Read More

AR 117 – Aromatherapy – Pet Care

Not all pets tolerate essential oils well and the ones who do need special care in safety, dosage and application. When applied properly oils can support pets physically and emotionally. Topics range from separation anxiety to flea control and first aid. Supply fee $10. (No pets allowed in class.) NOTE: Registration for this course closes the Thursday before course start. Read More

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