HC 301 – Wellness Coaching – Advanced Wellness Coaching I

In this course you will experience coaching groups of people. You’ll examine the group mindset, process, and motivation. You’ll practice establishing trust and relationship within the group, conducting activities, creating group accountability without shame, listening and sharing, and holding space for difficult conversations. You’ll explore the stages of group dynamics, options for continuing support, and ways to celebrate completion. In order to practice these skills, you’ll hold space for a support group on a topic of your choosing, relevant to your experience and qualifications. TEXT: $68 PREREQ: HC 201 Read More

MT 604 – Lymphatic Massage – Advanced

Add to your knowledge of Lymphatic Massage with techniques for the face, neck and posterior portion of the body. Additional hand positions and techniques will also be explored in this empowering class! PRERQ: TE 340 (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

TE 300 – Elder Touch

Learn how to work responsibly with geriatric clients and patients. Contraindications explored in depth. A safe and effective protocol is taught to use with the elderly, those with chronic illness or in frail health. PRERQ: MT 200 SWEDISH OR LICENSED BW (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

EC 400 – Chakras – Intro

Experience each of the seven energy centers of your body. Learn each chakra and how these centers affect our lives on many levels – physically, energetically, spiritually. (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

WH 360 – Awakening Intern/Externship

Supervised hands-on experiential herbalism in one of four arenas: cultivation, clinical, retail or independent application. Completion varies with individual projects. Instructor will clarify schedule. PRERQ WH 100 + WH 280 Materials fee: $100 Read More

YO 456 – Yoga – Therapeutic Postures I

A slow, methodical practice, Yin yoga allows the body to help itself heal by putting the tissues under a moderate level of stress, encouraging fluids in the muscles to safely regenerate into the tissue. This weekend-long Yin training will bring Taoist principles together into a practice that believes in the power of Yin and Yang. Poses are held anywhere from three to twelve minutes depending on certain conditions. Students in this course are taught alternative poses for various body types, with and without the use of props, to gain the tools needed from the very beginning. Sequencing is taught in order to facilitate the effect of the pose by the desire to get certain or all meridians flowing. Anatomy and physiology of tendons, fascia and ligaments will be addressed, and students will discover how the poses affect posture when muscles and tendons are shortened, lengthened, or tightened. Adjustments are also an integral part of this course to deepen or lessen a pose to gain maximum benefit. Text: $25 Read More

YO 432 – Yoga – Meditation in Motion Certification

In the certification you will take what you learned during Applied MiM and the practicum into a deeper understanding of the scriptures. You will experience a combination of an in depth study into yogic scriptures combined with your own experiential exploration in order to see how yoga becomes a way of life called Meditation in Motion. This then empowers you to reveal what you have learned to your own students. The certification ends with an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding through a final on the mat exam. PREREQ: YO 431 Read More

YO 433 – Yoga – Meditation in Motion Practicum

The practicum is designed to help you apply what you have learned in the classroom to revealing to your students the core concepts of Meditation in Motion (MiM). Through observation and opportunities to assist in Meditation in Motion classes you will see how the tools and techniques of MiM are applied in a classroom setting. You will then be empowered to teach pre-designed MiM classes in order to fine tune your skills at revealing Meditation in Motion. Supplies: $50 PREREQ: YO 432 Read More

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