YT 400 – Yoga – Meditation in Motion Intro

This course uses lectures designed to increase your understanding of the ancient Eastern teachings of yoga, along with practices which reveal a direct experience of your new understanding. MIM (Meditation in Motion) recognizes that the body is the manifestation of the interplay between consciousness and energy. Through conscious cultivation of the vital healing force in the body, the mind enters a state of meditation even while the body is in motion. MIM combines all 8 Limbs of Yoga into one practice where Hatha Yoga (Physical practices) and Raja Yoga (Meditation practices) happen simultaneously. These practices connect you to your inner healer as a powerful medium for the purification and balancing of the body and the mind. Learning to respond to life’s circumstances appropriately instead of reacting fearfully. PREREQ: YO 434 Supply: $25 Read More

YT 430 – Yoga – Meditation in Motion Certification

In the certification you will take what you learned during Applied MiM and the practicum into a deeper understanding of the scriptures. You will experience a combination of an in depth study into yogic scriptures combined with your own experiential exploration in order to see how yoga becomes a way of life called Meditation in Motion. This then empowers you to reveal what you have learned to your own students. The certification ends with an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding through a final on the mat exam. PREREQ: YO 431 Read More

YT 420 – Yoga – Meditation in Motion Practicum

The practicum is designed to help you apply what you have learned in the classroom to revealing to your students the core concepts of Meditation in Motion (MiM). Through observation and opportunities to assist in Meditation in Motion classes you will see how the tools and techniques of MiM are applied in a classroom setting. You will then be empowered to teach pre-designed MiM classes in order to fine tune your skills at revealing Meditation in Motion. Supplies: $50 PREREQ: YO 432 Read More

YT 410 – Yoga – Applied Meditation in Motion

This Applied MiM Course provides the understanding and direct experience necessary to layer I AM Yoga® Meditation in Motion onto any style of Hatha yoga. You will learn how to apply the tools and techniques learned from the Immersion in your classes and practice. In a uniquely energetic group setting, you will gain the specific techniques that will aid you to guide others in the experience of listening and responding to their own inner intelligence (Prana). This course of study reveals the innermost depth of I AM Yoga® where you experience Pranakriya, the harmonious interplay between energy [prana] and the mind [chitta]. PREREQ: YO 430 Supply: $73 Read More

MT 540 – Comprehensive CPR

Learn these life-saving techniques which are recommended for everybody! CPR e-card will be ordered upon successful completion of the class. Payment in full at time of registration. LATE STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Supplies: $26 includes textbook. Textbook required at the beginning of class. (AZ-CEU eligible.) Not eligible for NCBTMB CE. NON-REFUNDABLE NA Read More

MT 520 – First Aid

First Aid Certification. Payment in full at time of registration, non-refundable. Supplies $10. LATE STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. NA NCBTMB (AZ-CEU) Read More

MF 105 – Foundations of Mindful Eating

This introductory mindfulness course builds awareness and the ability to discern the difference between the nine kinds of hunger that are felt in the body. In addition to foundational concepts of mindful eating, you will use the regulation tool of tapping (also known as EFT) for reframing limiting beliefs that arise along with those nine hungers. You’ll also practice varied ways to satisfy those nine hungers through eating and other behaviors. Text $36 Read More

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