Have you heard about a holistic healing technique called Past Life Regression? It is an advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy technique in which you are guided to explore your previous lives (one or many). This can unlock many questions for you personally, your fears and the driving forces in your life. Most of us have had a strong sensation that an event or experience has been experienced in the past – it called Deja vu. Let us share a story, shared with us by Stacey Bumpus, a freelance writer who is personally very curious about Past Life Regression. Her story might just answer some questions you have had about Past Life Regression. “This isn’t going to work”, I thought as I lay down on the table readying for my past life regression. Even after hearing about the successful experience my reliably skeptical aunt had with a regression in which she learned about … Read More

The wisest of men have expressed these nutrition quotes for ages! Do you agree with any of them? So, human error or bad intentions….why does the majority of our food supply (offered to the masses) contain poisonous chemicals? Throughout the past couple of decades, multiple documentaries and informational programs have highlighted an epidemic within modern America. Are you familiar with some of the “food findings,” which have been correlating genetically engineered food to declining health and disease? Proven to be a growing industry since the 1990′s, the USDA Economic Research Service says, “International commerce in processed foods substantially exceeds the value of unprocessed agricultural commodities and is expanding more rapidly.” SWIHA graduate, Joseph Canon, raises a good question and valid point: “As a modern civilization, why are we choosing to live unaware to what we are consuming on a daily basis? For those who are ready, take off the blindfold, … Read More

Are you intrigued with the human body and how we are “put together?” What makes us the intelligent, dominant beings that rule planet Earth? It all starts with learning anatomy of the human body. As a brief overview, the human body has many systems, that all work hand-in-hand to help us live out our lives, and function, to the best of our abilities. Our Human Anatomy Systems include Skeletal Muscular Cardiovascular Digestive Endocrine Nervous Respiratory Immune / Lymphatic Urinary Male / Female Reproductive Integumentary Seek Out Human Anatomy If you are seeking Human Anatomy knowledge for yourself, to simply learn how you are “put together,” or to serve as a foundation to a career in Bodywork, Massage, Kinesiology, etc, then look into taking MT 115! In this course you will utilize the latest research in whole brain learning. The basics of the skeleton, muscles and articulations are mastered. The fundamentals … Read More

Teach Prenatal Yoga

Do you know someone who is expecting a baby? What a blessing it is that there is a relaxing practice for mothers-to-be. Prenatal yoga classes are more popular than ever, claims Here is an article with some prenatal yoga poses to try out for yourself, with a doctor or mid-wife’s consent of course. If you are a yoga instructor, you too can actually teach full spectrum prenatal yoga! Request more information about prenatal yoga classes. In our classes you will gain teaching skills in breath, relaxation, sound, contemplation and asana. As a Spirit of Yoga student, you will learn to adapt a regular yoga class to support prenatal needs of women, preparing them to embrace contractions, labor, birth, and motherhood. Learn to teach the breathing technique known as ujjayi (take in air slowly through your nose, filling your lungs, and exhale completely until your stomach compresses). This helps in … Read More

If you would have asked me 26 years ago if I ever dreamed of becoming a massage therapist, I would have looked at you as if you were crazy. Now I can’t imagine how empty my life would have been had I not answered the challenge, “Try it. You might like it.” The short version of a very long story is that I was teaching a business development class at a local massage college because I thought my destiny was to be a motivational speaker. I thought I was supposed to be teaching people how to be entrepreneurs. One day after a class I was teaching a student stopped me with a compelling plea: “Oh please, could you be a body for me? We aren’t even today in massage class!” In massage classes you always hope there will be an even number of students so you can practice what was … Read More


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