7 Ways Massage Improves Your Health

Massage has many benefits! When most people think of massage, the image of spas and pampering often comes to mind. Massage is much more than a soothing touch. Many research studies have proven that massage improves various aspects of your health, addressing the whole person body, mind and spirit. The Touch Research Institute has documented research findings as to the enhanced growth of infants, diminished chronic pain, enhanced immune function, decreased autoimmune problems, improved glucose levels in diabetics, improved pulmonary function tests in people with asthma, and enhanced alertness and mental performance due to regular massage therapy sessions. 1. Lowers stress The University of Miami School of Medicine reviewed studies that measured the stress hormone cortisol in participants before and immediately after massage and found that massage therapy lowered levels by up to 53 percent! 2. Relaxes and unwinds sore muscles Do you have chronic headaches, low back pain, or … Read More

Do you believe that everything happens for a purpose? My name is Dajon and I’m a new member of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) community, serving as the Chief Communications Specialist and Community Liaison. When I say new, I mean that I literally hopped on a plane from Minnesota and joined the family this last week. This amazing opportunity didn’t come without many, many signs: Let me share my journey with you.For the past 12 years, I’ve served in the military. In February of this year, I decided leave military service and pursue a different path of service where I could help empower others. I had become accustomed to having everything chosen for me, from where to be, what uniform to wear, to how my career path was laid out. I enjoyed my military experience, however, I had lost my passion and felt my soul was searching for … Read More


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