This week’s vlog comes from current SWIHA student StevieAnne Petitt. In it, she describes how to use a ratio of 1:7 to create social media content that is well-received, shared and engaged with! Her seven main points are listed below: Entertaining Engaging Informational (DIY) Inspire Humanizing (Behind the Scenes) Good Neighbor Policy Promotional About the Author, StevieAnne Petitt Guest Blogger A current SWIHA student, StevieAnne is a published author and public speaker who uses comedic workshops to “Lighten up Enlightenment” – helping others find humor in their human experience and to allow us to relate with one another through laughter. Her love of humor and authentic dialogue is what earned her the position as Branding Strategist at Social Ally. There, she creates social media content that entertains, educates and engages audiences while displaying an authentic brand voice and presence for each of her clients. More of her professional blogs can … Read More

The moment you step foot inside Sugar Sugar salon in Scottsdale, AZ, you are in for a sweet treat. One can expect to be greeted by a jovial and genuine staff member – oftentimes the owner herself, Aimee, or one of two graduates from the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics (SWINA), Tarah Hunter or Lacey Storm. Lacey and Tarah find themselves happily employed as licensed aestheticians for a growing franchise due to their enrollment at SWINA. Lacey recalls her initial decision to attend the award-winning college, stating “I’ve always had a deep desire to help other people – even stemming as far back as when my sister struggled with skin concerns and the bullying that came with it. Nurturing her and others has always made me feel purposeful. I placed quite a bit of pressure on myself to find my ideal path and when a close friend highly recommended becoming … Read More

This week’s blog comes in the form of a video from my dear friend, guide, and former SWIHA graduate, Chrystal Kubis. In it, she shares her five insightful tips for recent SWIHA grads. Still a student, or thinking about becoming one? Don’t fear, as her wisdom applies to most anyone! About Chrystal Kubis Chrystal Kubis is a life navigation specialist, passion igniter and master empowerment coach. Utilizing her wide toolbox of modalities gathered over 18 years of training and experience, she serves as a powerful facilitator of freedom that has led trainings on personal transformation and empowerment across the country. Alongside a degree in Holistic Healthcare, her training is extensive in the fields of mind, body and spirit wellness including certifications as a: Transformational Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Ordained Minister, Qi Gong Healer, Reiki Master and International Womens Circle Leader. Teaching and traveling internationally she’s worked with The … Read More

Alexis Holland (who also goes by her soul name Wayah) is a soul that’s wise beyond her years. As a graduate from SWIHA’s 800 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Life Coaching and Polarity programs, she recently launched herself (and her amazingly adorable coyote/husky pup Kiya!) on an adventerous sound–healing tour, bouncing around to various yoga studios throughout the Southwest, camping out wherever there were tall trees and a patch of Mama Earth to hold them both. In our interview, Alexis shared her journey pre- and- post SWIHA, what inspires her, and how she moved through things like fear, doubt and resistance while following her dreams. Tell us a little bit about your journey to SWIHA. What led you here, and what did you end up graduating with? Surprisingly enough, my journey to SWIHA began with love. An emmense love for myself, and a true love I stumbled upon along a cross … Read More

9 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks

Dear One, are you like me? Do you sometimes get stuck creatively? Although these blocks can be crippling, fear not! We (you and I) are going to get through this, and here’s how: 1. Try to figure out what’s stoppin’ you At the core of creative blocks of any kind, I usually find some kind of deeply rooted belief that we don’t deserve to create the life we desire. Somehow a crazy, non-serving thought slips into our head that we’re not good enough, smart enough, driven enough, talented enough, gifted enough. The list goes on. Personally speaking, I’ve struggled with this a lot in the past, whether it was my fear of not being a good enough writer/singer/musician/artist . . . you name it, just fill in the blank ____________! What have you not felt ‘good enough’ about? The fear of failure (and of greatness) lurks perpetually around the corner, … Read More


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