As Within So Without

Meditation, it’s not as crunchy granola as some make it out to be. Twenty minutes a day could provide a catharsis for those seeking an escape from the daily grind. These days most people hurry through life by cramming countless tasks into a 24-hour day. The effects of living in such a hurried, and filled to the brim manner, makes many things that ought to be savored, quite blurry. The beauty of the sky, trees, birds, people, and countless other treasures, increasingly just pass by. Although it cannot add hours to the day, meditation can slow a person down. An … Continue reading

Summer Holiday Tips For Healthy Eating

Summertime is finally upon us!  Holiday Eating can be a major threat for Weight Management and the 4th of July is no exception.  Beat the heat with smart servings and remain mindful of your sugar intake while enjoying all of the fireworks and festivities.  It is important to be cognizant of what is being consumed; however don’t obsess about it or let in run your mind rampant.  Be in the moment and enjoy the laughter in the summer breeze…. Here are four profound tips for sensible eating while celebrating with family and friends this year! Summer Holiday Eating Tip #1 If … Continue reading

SWIHA’s Holistic Education 20 Years In Service

Happy Birthday SWIHA!  Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is a nationally accredited (ACCET) private college and community-healing center for Holistic Healthcare careers and continuing education – and they have been in service now, open to the world, for 20 years today!  For those who do not know, [LINK REMOVED]” for holistic healthcare practitioners in private practice and to those establishing or growing a business. Whether you seek to earn a degree, diploma, specialty certificate or take courses towards continuing education or personal development, you will receive more than an education at SWIHA; you’ll receive a transformative experience. SWIHA graduates ‘fully conscious’ … Continue reading

Spirit of Yoga And Hatha-gong Support Yoga Aid World Challenge!

Many thanks to all Hatha-Gong™ teachers and practitioners for making it possible for Hatha-Gong™ to meet and exceed Spirit Of Yoga’s target donation to [LINK REMOVED] during the month of August 2012!  Hatha-Gong™ has achieved this goal through acts of seva, including donation of instructor pay for classes, contributions for the number of students attending classes and accepting and matching community offerings during our recent Hatha-Gong™ “Master’s debut” graduation event. [LINK REMOVED] There are currently fourteen Hatha-Gong™ teachers world-wide including our most recent group of six masters who graduated on August 19, 2012. The community of Hatha-Gong™ teachers represent a … Continue reading

Urban Farming Is Not Just A Profession – It’s A Passion

  Embrace food with S.O.U.L . . . Commit today to growing and eating Seasonal. Organic. Un-refined. Local food. URBAN AGRICULTURE BENEFITS Urban Farming has been viewed for ages, as solely for subsistence purposes; however the production of crops directly in the urban areas has many additional economic, social and ecological benefits. Improves nutrition, as produce is fresh and less damaged when grown and distributed locally. Closes the nutrient loop, as domestic organic waste can be composted and processed into the soil for added nutrients and soil structure. Has the potential to alleviate two of the world’s most crucial problems: … Continue reading

Find Your Life’s Balance Through Feng Shui

Have you heard of the term Feng Shui?  Most have, yet still, many people are wondering what Feng Shui really is, and why people use it!  This Chinese system of geomancy is believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive [LINK REMOVED]. The main goal of classical Feng Shui is to position an individual in an environment that is comfortable and restful, yet energizing and rejuvenating – one that promotes wellness, peace of mind, balanced health and comfort.  Thus, one can gain whatever it is they are wanting to achieve, whether it’s being more alert … Continue reading

Looking For A Way To Better Express Yourself? Become A Yoga Teacher!

Discover & Embrace the Spirit of Yoga, the state-of-the-art auxiliary classroom and yoga studio of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), a nationally accredited college and community healing center committed to helping individuals discover their gifts and graces, and support them as they share their talents with the world in a loving and profitable way.  [LINK REMOVED], also known as SOY, embraces individual, community and global healing, and teaches our students how to ‘Touch Lives, Heal Bodies & Free Soul’ through what they call Unity Yoga! Unity Yoga strives to teach an authentic expression of yoga with a transformational approach, honoring a diversity … Continue reading

Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics Offers Laser Technology Certification

  Step into a bright, rewarding and beautiful career in Natural Beauty and Skin Care!  Laser Technology is Making Impressive Strides into the Future… And So Should YOU… [LINK REMOVED] provides any Aesthetician the opportunity to become more attractive to prospective employers as a well-rounded Aesthetician, making you a diverse asset to any company or spa!  You may even choose to embark on a journey of your own, in a private practice. [LINK REMOVED] [LINK REMOVED] Designed for Licensed Aestheticians, or students who are actively pursuing their aesthetics training at SWINA, here you will take an exciting 180 hours, which includes hands-on … Continue reading

First Annual Arizona Conference for Women – Local Experts Help Women Find Their Passion & Purpose

On Saturday, September 8, 2012, notable local authors, speakers, teachers and wellness professionals will join forces for a full-day conference filled with laughter, inspiration, networking and self-improvement for women of all ages.  This inaugural event will bring five fantastic presenters from various backgrounds together for a perfect, life-enhancing day at the Windmill Suites, located at 3535 West Chandler Blvd, Chandler, Arizona.  Activities will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with check-in beginning at 8:30 a.m. Speakers and topics will include: KC Miller, founder of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, teaching women how to create a plan for turning … Continue reading

Asian Bodywork Therapy As A Full Or Part-time Career

Have you ever heard of Asian Bodywork?  If so, are you curious about it’s benefits, career outlook, or wonder how it differs from Massage Therapy?  Well, Asian Bodywork Therapy can greatly enhance and up-level any massage practice, but it can also be done as a stand alone wellness modality, as a bodyworker. Asian Bodywork Therapy is widely referred to as treatment of the human body, mind and spirit, which includes the energetic field, surrounding and infusing the body to life by manipulation and pressure.  This paraphrased statement is the lead-in to the general definition of Asian Bodywork Therapy, adopted by the American … Continue reading


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