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As Within So Without

Meditation, it’s not as crunchy granola as some make it out to be. Twenty minutes a day could provide a catharsis for those seeking an escape from the daily grind. These days most people hurry through life by cramming countless tasks into a 24-hour day. The effects of living in such a hurried, and filled to the brim manner, makes many things that ought to be savored, quite blurry. The beauty of the sky, trees, birds, people, and countless other treasures, increasingly just pass by. Although it cannot add hours to the day, meditation can slow a person down. An … Continue reading

Summer Holiday Tips For Healthy Eating

Summertime is finally upon us!  Holiday Eating can be a major threat for Weight Management and the 4th of July is no exception.  Beat the heat with smart servings and remain mindful of your sugar intake while enjoying all of the fireworks and festivities.  It is important to be cognizant of what is being consumed; however don’t obsess about it or let in run your mind rampant.  Be in the moment and enjoy the laughter in the summer breeze…. Here are four profound tips for sensible eating while celebrating with family and friends this year! Summer Holiday Eating Tip #1 If … Continue reading

SWIHA’s Holistic Education 20 Years In Service

Happy Birthday SWIHA!  Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is a nationally accredited (ACCET) private college and community-healing center for Holistic Healthcare careers and continuing education – and they have been in service now, open to the world, for 20 years today!  For those who do not know, [LINK REMOVED]” for holistic healthcare practitioners in private practice and to those establishing or growing a business. Whether you seek to earn a degree, diploma, specialty certificate or take courses towards continuing education or personal development, you will receive more than an education at SWIHA; you’ll receive a transformative experience. SWIHA graduates ‘fully conscious’ … Continue reading

How Are You Serving In The World?

The Meaning Of Life is to Find Your GIFT ~ The Purpose Of Life is to Share it with Others!   Do you agree with this statement? So, how are you serving in the world?  Many people are reflecting on their Purpose and Passion for Life this 2012, the year of transformation.  If you’ve thought about this even once, it’s worth a closer look, at the BIG Dream… and [LINK REMOVED]will help you find that dream and make it a reality! [LINK REMOVED] If you consider even ONE opportunity to find your answer, consider taking [LINK REMOVED], and Up-level the … Continue reading

What Moves You Deeper Into A Spiritual Awareness?

“Shaving My Head has been a Spiritual Experience!” ~ By Carmen Marrero I never thought about shaving my head, never! My hair always had to be perfect, otherwise I would have a bad day – you know, that day society refers to as a “bad hair-day” that puts you in a weird funk? Well, I recently came to realize how much my hair was managing my life! I noticed that when I get a hair cut, I would feel fresh and renewed, without realizing there was a lot of ego in my hair. I had to make sure I fit … Continue reading

Keeping Your Pets Healthy

Diet is the single most important factor for attaining and maintaining Healthy Pets. In the past, we were convinced that our pets needed “scientifically balanced” and “nutritionally complete” commercial pet foods. However, it is a fact that our pets suffer from many diseases such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, eye problems, ear problems, fleas and other parasites, gum disease, thyroid imbalances, skin and coat problems, personality disorders, birth defects, breeding problems, diabetes, and cancer. The life span of many breeds is now less than it was two or three decades ago. In [LINK REMOVED], Dr. Richard Pitcairn states that the most … Continue reading

Help A Young Boy Fight Cancer = Donate Pounds of SHOES!

Have a Heart ~ Give a “Soul” Southwest Institute Of Healing Arts invites you to join in a unique fundraiser to raise money for a young boy who is fighting a battle with cancer. Meikel is a 14-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.  Meikel lives in a single parent household and this has been financially challenging for them. HOW YOU CAN HELP: There is an organization that will pay per pound for used shoes! The shoes can be in any condition. The only requirement is that they be tied together or … Continue reading

AZ Holistic Chamber of Commerce + SWIHA Event & Partnership

Did you know that the the [LINK REMOVED] and Southwest Institute of Healing Arts have a solid partnership and alliance which especially benefits participating SWIHA graduates?  Read to the end to find out how… This month [LINK REMOVED] shares how to UP-LEVEL YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS USING THE P.R.A.Y.E.R. PROCESS:  Inviting the Universe to be on YOUR Board of Directors! [LINK REMOVED]Please join us this Thursday, February 16th and let’s: P.ause R.efocus on YOUR Success A.lign your Actions, so YOU can say . . . I’m a millionaire! KC Miller is the Founder of the award-winning, nationally accredited [LINK REMOVED] has taken her … Continue reading

Holistic Nutrition – Meet Dr. Henele E’ale

“Nutrition is the central hub for healing.” -[LINK REMOVED]. The Holistic Nutrition program at SWIHA centers around the knowledge that the foods we eat can profoundly affect our health, our well-being and our whole lives.  The emphasis is not just a study of the nutrients and minerals in foods, but is a mindful examination of the physical as well as the inner psychological effects of the foods we eat.  The Holistic Nutrition program recognizes there is a mind-body-spirit connection in the food we consume and that when we take food into our bodies, it has both a nutritional and an … Continue reading


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