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7 Ways to Reduce Stress through Mindfulness

Have you ever noticed how people respond when you ask them how they are doing? Many will respond with how busy they are and some will include a list of things they are doing or issues they are dealing with. In Spring 2014, Harvard School of Public Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and National Public Radio researched what truly makes Americans so stressed out. According to their study, approximately 27% of people related their stress to health-related problems. A good portion of those surveyed also listed life changes, problems with work, family issues or problems with personal relationship as there most stressful experiences. We’ve all experienced these stressors in one way or another. We’re human after all. So how do we turn these problems into opportunities? “12 Guiding Principles of Transformational Life Coaching”One of those principles is: All problems stem from separation: therefore, the solution comes from connections. In … Read More

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner On-Campus

View All Program Courses Build a profitable private practice as an integrative healing arts practitioner Join our thriving on campus community of healers and holistic entrepreneurs. Our on-campus Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma provides proven wellness tools, introduces mind-body-spirit balance to your life, and prepares you to meet the needs of those you will ultimately serve. Start with a suite of courses in Transformational Life Coaching, Holistic Entrepreneurship, and Transpersonal Psychology. With your newfound clarity of heart and mind, dive straight into a specialty track and begin the work of building the foundation of your future business. Study on campus to become an entrepreneur in the field of your choosing! Online Options Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program. Option 1: Yoga Focus Become a Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher (RYT) and learn to create a business supporting the physical and … Read More

Spiritual Coach and Celebrant Online

Program Courses – What’s this? Choosing to serve as a Spiritual Coach or Celebrant gives you the opportunity to serve people in a powerful way during the important milestones of their lives and the lives of their families, such as births, weddings, sickness, and transitions. Our curriculum is not based on dogma or any prescribed doctrine; rather, it’s designed to help you explore your own Oneness with life, and prepare you to help others embrace their divinity. Through this certificate, you will explore a variety of spiritual traditions, consider the concepts of mysticism, and learn to practice mindfulness and how to teach others to do the same. You will learn about creating ceremony and sacred space, applying homiletics to ceremony, understanding the duties of a minister, and explore how to coach clients through death, dying, and hospice processes using an “spirit-directed” or “spirit-guided” coaching approach. Graduates of this program may … Read More

Mindful Guided Imagery Facilitator

Program Courses – 100 Hour – What’s this? To be mindful means to be aware, moment-to-moment, of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. By earning a Certificate of Excellence in this program, you will learn the importance of acceptance without judgement, while staying engaged in the present moment and not rehashing the past or fearing the future. As a facilitator, you will have the competency to lead another person through a series of specific meditation and mindfulness practices proven to help reduce “brain chatter” through breath and skilled, guided imagery. Become a ‘Breath Coach and Mindful Guided Imagery (MGITM) Facilitator. Start Dates Online TBA Mindful Guided Imagery Facilitator Certificate of Excellence – 100 hour Online Program Courses (Online) – What’s this?   What is being “mindful”? In this certificate program you will learn what it means to be aware, moment-to-moment of every day, watching your thoughts, feelings, bodily … Read More

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Online

View All Program Courses Career and Employment Outlook Build a profitable private practice as an integrative healing arts practitioner… from the comfort of your home! Whether you are an out-of-state student or a busy individual looking to pursue your education between the commitments of work, family, and daily life, studying online offers the freedom and flexibility you require. Our online Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma is focused on teaching you proven wellness tools, introducing mind-body-spirit balance to your life, and preparing you to meet the needs of those you will ultimately serve. Start out with a suite of courses in Transformational Life Coaching, Holistic Entrepreneurship, and Transpersonal Psychology. Gain introductory experience with such mind-body healing modalities as aromatherapy, aroma-auriculotherapy, flower essences, toe reading, and soul coaching. Then, with your newfound clarity of heart and mind, select your specializations and begin the work of building the foundations of your future business! … Read More

Our Core Values

Welcome to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). Our mission is to inspire individuals to discover their gifts and graces, and support them as they share their talents with the world in a loving and profitable way. Learn to touch lives, heal bodies and free souls. Thank you for choosing our college as a path to following your dream of a fulfilling and lucrative career in holistic health and wellness. For more than twenty years, SWIHA has been providing the highest quality education in a vast variety of healing arts. We know that more than half of our new students enroll based on recommendations from our former students. We invite you to schedule a tour and discover why our students and alumni can’t wait to spread the word! Our campus is near the heart of Tempe, close to Arizona State University. We are within walking distance of restaurants, coffee houses, … Read More

Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner

At Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, we designed our online Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner diploma for individuals highly motivated to lead healthier lives and inspire others to do the same in a rewarding career as a wellness coach and nutrition educator. While our holistic nutrition courses nurture awareness and appreciation of the mind-body-spirit connection, the Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner diploma is also deeply rooted in science. The term holistic translates as “the whole.” It is the heart of the mind-body-spirit connection. In addition to eating healthier whole foods, holistic nutrition helps you identify the triggers and outside influences that sabotage healthy eating. It underscores the way the nutritional value of the foods we eat completes the circuit that connects all aspects of our being. As you progress through this program, you will master foundational and advanced holistic nutrition topics, life coaching fundamentals, stress management tools, entrepreneurial business development, professional communications, … Read More

Holistic Entrepreneurship: Living Your Purpose

Being a holistic entrepreneur means there is no separation between your love, life, work and spirituality. It’s a way of life that lends to serving in whatever capacity you’re living in that very moment. It’s diving into that path that makes your heart sing; your Divine calling. The realization that you want more than to be a human doing, but to live in your truth as a human Being. Holistic Living is Trending The holistic way of living seems to be hitting mainstream more than ever. Have you noticed how many of the big brand names have started incorporating motivational saying and quotes into their branding? More people are seeing that the typical 9-5 and living for the weekend is no longer status quo. We’re stepping into living lives that are more aware and more present than ever before. It as if we’re replacing T.G.I.F. with T.G.I.Today! I see more … Read More

Holistic Nutrition: A Fresh Approach to Lifelong Health

By Dee McCaffrey Nutrition is a big buzz word these days. Nearly every week we hear about the newly discovered health benefits of whole foods or the harmful effects of denatured processed foods. From the heart-protective antioxidants in grapes and dark chocolate, to the cancer-causing downside of refined sugar, our national awareness of the role food plays in our health is on the rise. Healthy food has gone mainstream, yet personal health is still a mystery to many people. It’s no secret that the Standard American Diet, appropriately acronymed SAD, is the worst diet humans can engage in; it has created a health crisis unlike anything seen in human history. Within the last 100 years, we have gone from growing, harvesting, and preparing our own food with our own hands, to mass producing concoctions that are made in laboratories. In the name of progress, we have blindly and tragically denounced … Read More

Happy, Healthy, and Whole: Hotchickpea Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching

By Jenna Zizzo After a shocking and heart-wrenching break up, Tory Dube knew she needed to find methods for self-soothing. She felt that the only way to heal her wounded heart was to try meditation. However, instead of reading a meditation book or downloading the latest meditation app on her smart phone, Tory decided to embark on a nine day meditation retreat in the Bahamas. While on her retreat, she heard a doctor by the name of Joe Dispenza share about the science behind quantam physics and positive psychology. Once she heard about positive psychology, Tory was immediately enamored and knew it was something she wanted to pursue. The moment she returned to her home in New York City she rushed to the computer and searched for psychology programs. She found Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ (SWIHA) Online Associates of Mind Body Transformational Psychology program, and within a month’s time … Read More

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