EC 800 – Reiki I – Holy

Holy Reiki acknowledges the healing power of Christ and calls upon the name of the ‘Most High’ to create current day healing; Holy Reiki is Bible-based and Christ-centered. In the first weekend we will practice the power of prayer and affirm your personal connection to the Divine. You will learn a hands-on protocol for self-healing and serving others. $50 FEE for AUN Read More

EC 811 – Reiki II – Holy – Discovery & Deepening

In preparation to become an instrument in the peace and healing of others, this class includes a self-discovery instrument of your spiritual gifts, ‘prayer therapy’ and ‘intercessory prayer through distance Reiki’ as well as deepening your Reiki practice through Biblical application. Prereq: EC 800. $50 FEE for AUN Read More

EC 791 – Reiki for Prosperity

Reiki is the science of energy. Money and abundance are directly linked to energy – its flow or its stuckness! Learn to embrace and harness a new prosperity consciousness, heal any past poverty or thoughts of lack and resentment. Join us as we re-script childhood programming regarding money, learn to magnetize things that are for your highest good, help release slow and dense energy associated with your personal finances, and clear, heal, repair, recalibrate, expand and activate the energetic field. Participate in a “Healing Ceremony” designed to eliminate and remove from your aura and consciousness all frequencies which may have sabotaged your personal well-being, success, abundance, health, joy and harmony. We will consciously encode your mental, spiritual and energetic bodies with new vibrational frequencies of abundance and prosperity. Read More

EC 711 – Reiki II – Traditional

Learn the symbols of Reiki with their function and meaning. Traditional Reiki symbols, Attunements and techniques for long distance healing presented. Learn to share the healing properties of the symbols during a Reiki exchange. BW PRERQ: EC 700 Read More

EC 803 – Holy Reiki III

Designed to deepen your spiritual gifting through Reiki, this course teaches you to put on the whole armor of God through Reiki as well as the science behind Reiki. We will explore the relationship between the Holy Spirit and guided intuition. This course includes attunements as well as a sacred ceremony to prepare you to step into your personal empowerment as a Reiki Master. PREREQ- EC 800, EC 802 Read More

EC 766 – Reiki Master/Teacher Initiation

Become a Reiki Master Teacher, fully initiated, with all the Master Symbols, qualified and competent to teach Reiki to others. Some may choose not to teach, but rather to use the Master Teacher initiation for personal empowerment. BW PRERQ: EC 720 Text: $20 Read More

EC 750 – Reiki Symbolism & Geometric

Symbols can be a key to accessing the hidden wisdom of the universe. A means of releasing sources of energy from the unconscious, symbols facilitate the connection between the self and higher universal consciousness. This advanced course provides information for taking Reiki to its highest level of practice, as well as preparing one for teaching. PRERQ: EC 715 or EC 710 Read More

EC 700 – Reiki I – Traditional

Reiki is a complete system of holistic healing and personal development. This spiritually directed life force energy can be used to heal yourself and others, solve problems, achieve goals, develop higher consciousness, fulfill your spiritual purpose. BW (CEU-NCBTMB) Read More

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