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EV 903 – Reiki Conference 2020 – Chakras

Continue the Reiki conference in this full day event focused on the Chakras. SWIHA will present you with a panel of esteemed Reiki practitioners who will share their various Reiki views as they relate to boudaries, ethics, integrative breath therapy, shamanic trance and more! Stay after for an optional Reiki share from 5:30-7pm. Read More

EC 767 – Reiki – Holy – Master/Teacher Initiation

For those who have taken Holy Reiki I, II & III and are called to teach Reiki to others based on Christian biblical principles, with a Christ-centered focus, this class prepares you to teach the Reiki protocols. It offers you the competencies and the confidence to attune others to the Holy Reiki symbols. You may choose not to teach, rather to use the Master Teacher initiation for personal empowerment and a way to deepen your spiritual walk. BW PRERQ: EC 800, EC 811 and EC 803 Read More

EC 793 – Reiki for Animals

Learn how to connect with animals using Reiki so to help them relax and become calm and to assist in the healing of non-life-threating conditions. You will be introduced to Reiki, the history of its founders, the traditional Reiki protocol and how to adapt the protocol to several varieties of animals, in various locations. You will learn how to perform Reiki with an animal from short or long distances. Learn to develop a compassionate touch toward animals and all living things. PREREQ: EC 700 Read More

EC 742 – Reiki – Allies, Ancestors & Power Animals

Throughout history, shamanic practice the world over has included nurturing connections with our allies and ancestors in the upper and lower worlds. In this class, students are invited to journey into their sacred spaces to connect with those Allies, Ancestors, and Power Animals that are called to help them during Reiki Sessions, and perhaps during their all their journeys in this middle world. Students will be introduced to ways they may call upon these guides before, during, and after their Reiki sessions. They will also have an opportunity to practice doing so during a reiki share. Students are encouraged to bring tools that may assist them with connecting and partnering with these energies. Read More

EC 811 – Holy Reiki II – Discovery & Deepenning

In preparation to become an instrument in the peace and healing of others, this class includes a self-discovery instrument of your spiritual gifts, ‘prayer therapy’ and ‘intercessory prayer through distance Reiki’ as well as deepening your Reiki practice through Biblical application. Prereq: EC 800 Read More

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