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Reiki Training Programs

Traditional Shamanic Holy Program Courses – What’s this? Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing. Considered a complete system of holistic healing and personal development, Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice using “Universal Life Energy” or “God-directed Energy” for self-healing, the healing of others, developing higher consciousness, and fulfilling a spiritual purpose. At SWIHA we have found that just as there are different learning styles, there are different healing styles. We are committed to offering a variety of ways for you to connect with your healing gifts. Read about the Art of Reiki blog Styles of Reiki Offered at SWIHA Choose your style. Certificate of Excellence in Traditional Reiki Traditional Reiki is taught based on techniques and protocols handed down for generations. The history of Reiki, the specific self-healing protocol and the traditional hand positions are taught. There is a separation of Reiki I and … Read More

EC 132 – Sound Healing for Bodyworkers & Practitioners

Himalayan Singing Bowls promote deep relaxation and offer powerful healing properties, harmonizing the cells, and balancing the body's energy system. This class is designed for body workers, massage therapists, Reiki Practitioners and Yoga Teachers — It explores the history and background of the Himalayan Singing Bowls and how to incorporate them into a sound healing practice. The use of one and two sound bowls in healing protocols will be taught, both as on and off the body, according to the Himalayan and Vedic Chakra systems. Using multiple Himalayan Singing Bowls will be introduced. There will be time to practice the healing protocols, deepen connection with clients through observation, communication, as well as develop your intuition and honor your creativity. Read More

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner On-Campus

View All Program Courses Build a profitable private practice as an integrative healing arts practitioner Join our thriving on campus community of healers and holistic entrepreneurs. Our on-campus Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma provides proven wellness tools, introduces mind-body-spirit balance to your life, and prepares you to meet the needs of those you will ultimately serve. Start with a suite of courses in Transformational Life Coaching, Holistic Entrepreneurship, and Transpersonal Psychology. With your newfound clarity of heart and mind, dive straight into a specialty track and begin the work of building the foundation of your future business. Study on campus to become an entrepreneur in the field of your choosing! Online Options Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program. Option 1: Yoga Focus Become a Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher (RYT) and learn to create a business supporting the physical and … Read More

Special Offers

SWIHA has so much to offer! Tour Our Campus Visit our campus in Tempe on Southern and McClintock to experience our tranquil student massage clinic, state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, entrepreneurial business center, bookstore and more! You can also schedule a Q&A with one of our Admissions Coaches. Text (480) 999-9803. 4-hour Guest Pass Be our guest in an on campus class! Complimentary & commitment-free. Call student services for available opportunities and to request your pass. click to view our digital class calendar click to view our upcoming classes Gifts and Graces Monthly Event You’re invited to enjoy an evening with our conscious commUNITY. Every first Friday, a keynote speaker shares a meaningful presentation, followed by complimentary mini-sessions of Life Coaching, Reiki, Toe Reading and more! Visit our Events Calendar for more information. Connect With Us Virtually View and register for our upcoming educational Webinars. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to … Read More

Massage Therapy CEU

SWIHA invites people from all walks of life to learn and grow both personally and professionally through our courses. Whether you are a massage therapist, reflexologist, hypnotherapist, life coach, or energy worker who wants to complete CEUs to meet the requirements of your profession OR simply a seeker at heart looking to take the next step in your personal journey, we welcome you! SWIHA offers a wide range of classes to help you meet necessary license requirements. Our Massage Therapy courses range from 4 to 60 credit hours and include Aromatherapy, Cranial Unwinding, Medical Massage, Myofascial, Myotherapy, Polarity, *Reflexology, Reiki, Breast Health, Corporate Chair, Stretching Your Client, and more. Many of these classes are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). We also offer several online CEU courses for out-of-state students or those who desire the flexibility of online study. *Final approval of Massage CEU … Read More

Antonieta Hensley: Standing Strong in Her Message as a Yoga Teacher and Hypnotherapist

When it comes to discovering Southwest Institute for Healing Arts (SWIHA), Antonieta Hensley has Google to thank! “After I saw all the courses, programs, and classes they offered, I was sold. It sounded like a temple or a mystery school available in the states and I knew it was calling for me before I ever stepped foot on the school grounds.” Antonieta graduated from the 600-hour Mind Body Wellness Practitioner program. She also went through the Yoga Teaching Training, Transformational Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy programs. She went on to share how her time at SWIHA dramatically changed her life for the better: “The laws of attraction, eastern philosophies, energetic body healing, taboo subjects, and spirituality have always fascinated me. But that is only about 10% of what the school has to offer. It surpasses your expectations on both what you can learn and whom you can meet. There is no … Read More

My First Saguaro Floral Essence By Kathy Koziol, SWIHA Yoga Therapist Graduate

With the saguaro cacti in bloom, I am reminded of the very first floral essence I created. It was a memorable experience that produced a potent brew! I’d love to share my story with you: First of all, I am a Cactus Whisperer. I have had a connection with plants my entire life. It’s a gift that was given to me by my mother. Since I love plants so much, I took the Flower Essence Course at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in July of 2014. I loved the class and bemoaned the fact that I would have to wait almost a year to create a flower essence from my favorite of all cacti, the saguaro, since their blooming season is in the April-May time frame. Before I continue with my story, you might be wondering what a flower essence is. A lot of people mistakenly believe that flower … Read More

Reflexology ~ Ancient Foundations and Modern Applications

‘This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home’ is a rhyme we hear as children, playfully explaining the significance of each toe. While the elementary explanation may be a little nebulous, the concept that each toe represents something is true from the point of view of reflexology. Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflex points in the feet, hands, and ears which directly correspond to every part and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflex points by a skilled practitioner’s hands, along with the use of tools, lotions and aromatherapy, tension and dis-ease can be relieved or eliminated. Practices resembling reflexology can be traced as far back as 2450 BC to ancient petroglyphs on the walls of an Egyptian tomb. In fact, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, wrote about the curative effects of this modality. … Read More

Tom Kreienbrink ~ From the Air Force to SWIHA

After retiring from the Air Force and moving back to Arizona, Tom Kreienbrink found the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) through a Facebook friend. Throughout the duration of his Air Force career, Tom was in Graphic Arts and Multimedia, and for the last 10 years he was in leadership and management positions. “I worked in a design position for FEMA in Washington D.C. for a few years after retiring from the Air Force. Bottom line – I was ready to get out of the ‘rat race,’ and when I found SWIHA it was the second career I’d been waiting for.” Tom shared how he’s always had a passion for learning about natural healing methods, nutrition, energy, and spirituality. “When I started studying at SWIHA, I found it was a school that offered practical holistic modalities and techniques that I could take out into the world and help people in … Read More

Attitudes Are Contagious By Jasmine Kearns, SWIHA student of Mind-Body Transformational Psychology

We have all lived through the following scenario or something similar: You wake up in the morning and are well rested, refreshed, and ready to start your day. You happily get ready and you might even sing along to the songs playing on the radio while driving in your car. You are in a wonderful mood and feel as if you are on top of the world. You get to work and head to your desk. All of a sudden your supervisor comes over and hands you a mountain of work along with a deadline that seems impossible to reach. As you go through the mountain of work and complete the assignments, you feel as though maybe you will make the deadline after all. However, after lunch your supervisor comes to tell you that your work is mediocre and needs to be redone. But you know that you did your … Read More

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