Celebrity Toes

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is the best example of how your toes change asyour life and emotions change. In the April 2, 2007 edition of STAR Magazine Britney was quoted assaying, “My toes are really ugly.”

We can see from the picture taken in about 2003, before all the ugliness started, that she toes were as fair and innocent as she was. The picture to the right was taken while Britney Spears was vacationing inLas Vegas. As a Toe Reader, I noted back then how sensitive and self-conscious Britney’s toes were. In this pictures you can see that thetoes were relaxed and bowing in a cautious and reserved way. As a teacher of Toe Reading, I used this picture as a teaching example of how people can be “out there on center stage, and yet deep down, they are shy and very concerned about what people will say.”

Today these same feet have become red, swollen and ‘gnarly’ as the magazine headline refers to them. The same could be said of her emotional life. In Toe Reading, we refer to anything that is RED as acuteto mean that there is a red hot emotion buried alive in the toe. Each toe represents an element or aspect of a person’s life. When you look at the close-up insert of Britney’s toes, you will see that almost every toe is red and acute, indicating that almost every aspect of her life is out of balance. Especially note the fourth and fifth toes in this picture – they are not only red, they are forming lumps which can be viewed as penned up emotions. The redder the toe, the more the toe is storing stories of frustration, anger or rage. The fourth toe on the RIGHT side is indicative of relationships with others in the world. The bump in Britney’s RIGHT RELATIONSHIP toe, her fourth toe, accurately depicts the lumps she ishaving in her relationships currently. The redness speaks for itself – she is storing lots of red emotions.

The LEFT side holds the story of how we are with our internal self. Note that on Britney’s LEFT side her first big toe, known as her DESTINY toe, is very big and swollen – it actually looks painful to walk on. The question a Toe Reader would ask her is: Britney, what part of your DESTINY is internally painful for you to look at right now? Are you having pain or discomfort internally as you walk in the world? One can only have incredible empathy for this confused young woman who is filled from head to toe with red-hot emotions.

Britney Spears – STAR Magazine April 2, 2007

Note how in the latest picture of Britney Spears toes, that appeared into the STAR Magazine April 2, 2007 overall her toes appear more and more red. The left side has changed considerably – the LEFT side, representing her internal, personal side is just as red and the RIGHT side, which stores the emotions of how she is viewing the her outer world, suggesting that both internal and external her emotions are red hot. Notice how on both big toes,the toe joint is beginning to swell and is very red. This indicated that she is overwhelmed with responsibility and guilt. The most swollen and redden the more she is feeling ‘out of control’ and ‘out of approval.’ Britney’s toes truly reflect how much pain she is experiencing inside herself. If it looks like she is walking on hot coals – it is because internally she is walking on a bed of emotional nails. Bless her heart – because it is hurting big time.

Britney Spears – Front Cover of PEOPLE Magazine 2006

Britney Spears looked amazingly beautiful in this picture featured on thecover of PEOPLE Magazine in 2006, and yet to a Toe Reader her toes are alarming! The RIGHT foot records how a person is stepping out into the world. When you look at Britney’s right set of toes, they are (and she was)obviously in pain. It appears as if the toes are clawing onto the earth for dear life. The bent toes suggest fear of responsibility or fear of failure. A Toe Reader would also notice that her toes are hanging their heads in embarrassment, disappointment or shame. The toes on both sides indicatethat she is self-conscious.

The LEFT toes, which represent one’s deep internal feeling about self and the Higher-self, have suggested for years that Britney is actually quite shy, lacks self-confidence and is very sensitive. You will note that the RIGHT toes, which represent how she feels she has to be to others and the world, are actually pushed and very forced – – as if she has had to forced herself into something that does not fit and that she is desperately seeking recognition. The energy of the toes would be read as being adamant and demanding. The deep wrinkled toes are those of someone who is troubled, drained, sapped of energy. The message to these poor old digits is to stop worrying so much about being judged and accepted.

The RIGHT middle toe is the FIRE Toe, which is the ‘Do it or Not’ toe. The toe is registering the deep confusion about her current path. She is actually holding back – the energy of the toe seems to be saying “I want to move forward, but I am stuck in the rut of my life.”

The fourth toe on her RIGHT side is her WATER toe, or RELATIONSHIP toe. Look at how the toe is pointing downward, suggesting the pessimistic path ofher primary relationships in the world.

The little toe on the RIGHT side is the MONEY toe, which is pointing downward, although the nail is facing toward the heavens. The MONEY toe is saying that there is plenty of money in the here and now (becasue the toenial is facing up) however, (because of the dramatic downward facing of the toe itself) something may be going on that would suggest that something is draining the financial energy away.

As you look at the overall toes, the colors you see are bluish-purple marksand an overall redness. The dark colors at not just her tattoo – they suggest injured pride, bruised ego and battered self-esteem. The dark colored combined with the very creases suggest deep emotional wounds. Theredness is a sign that she is frustrated, anger and feeling very threatened.

America Ferrera – InStyle Magazine – March 2007

America Ferrera, who plays Ugly Betty in a popular TV show, is a wonderful example of how the toes really do tell the truth about whatis going on emotionally with a person. From this photo we can see her LEFT toes, which allow you to see the side of her that represents her relationship with herself or her Higher Self. As you look at her LEFT Big Toe, her DESTINY Toe, you can see that America is on path and happy with the direction of her life. You tell that by how straight and strong the LEFT big toe is. The nail on the DESTINY Toe is slightly tipping to the heavens which suggest that she is quite optimistic.

Her second toe, the AIR or COMMUNICATION Toe, suggests that her communication with herself is very straight forward and honest. At he beginning of the nail bed you can see that there is a little congestion, which indicates at times she can get a little compulsive or inpatient with herself. The congestion at the edge of the COMMUNCATION Toe nail bed is indicative of a person who has a slight tendency to worry or wonder if she has said the right thing or if she was really understood. My guess is that America will say somethingand, on many occasions, rethink what she has said and perhaps wish she would have said it slightly different.

Her third toe, the FIRE toe, is very straight and strong, meaning that she is a woman of her word and has great follow through and personal Fire in her life and ability to get things accomplished. She remains in her integrity with herself and in interactions with others.(We would have to see the RIGHT FIRE toe to be completely sure.) She sets goals and and goes for them.

In this particular picture it is hard to see her fourth toe, the WATER toe, which is representative of her relationship with herself and her Higher-Best-Self. From the partial view we can see, one can only imagine that she has a pretty straight forward and honest connection with to her true self and has a strong spiritual connection with a Higher Power. Her little toe, the EARTH toe, her TRUST toe, isn’t available for comment. It has been said of “Ugly Betty” that she is the new beautiful. Her toes are truly ones of a women who has a beautiful interior.

Katie Holmes

When reading toes, we look for straight, flat, well balanced toes that looks as if they are walking their destined path – not toes that are pulled back as if in fear, clawing on for dear life. The toes pictured here looks as if they have been caged up for months and even when they are freed to come out and play – – they can’t relax.

The first toe, the Great Ether Toe on the left side represents how true a person has been to walking their Spiritual Path. It is obvious that this woman is being pushed off her Spiritual path and pulled away from her own Divine Center. The right Great Toe is all about how the person feels they are showing up in the world in regards to their career path. Katie’s toes look as if they are really fighting to stay on path and walk a solid straight line toward her destined career path.

The second toes are the Air or Communication Toes. The right side is how she is communicating into the world and the left side stores more of the stories and feelings about how she is communicating with her true internal self or her high self. Both Air toes are being heldback, almost as if they are being cramped or restrained in some way. There is a definite sense that she is not free to express her Air,her Truth, in to the world or even express it to herself.

The third toe is the Fire or Passion toe. It is also known as the ‘Do it’ toe. On both sides it looks as if Kate Holmes is not able to step into your personal or professional power. A toe reader would ask, “Are there forces at work that are causing this woman to doubt herself and her abilities to passionately and confidently step forward in the world?” Energetically these toes looks as if they are so bottled up and restricted that they are miserable.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s Ether Toes shows that she is an independent thinker, committed to speaking her truth in the world and destined to ‘take upa large space in the world’. Oprah has big bulbous toes meaning toes with extra flesh at the ends and lots of energy at the tips representing the huge amount of compassion she has for people and her never-ending enthusiasm to take on more and moresignificant projects in the world.

Oprah Winfrey has a very large bunion on her Ether Toes, indicating that she took on a huge amount of responsibility early in life and has continued to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. The bunion may represent frustration and resentment from what was at one time perceived by her ‘young soul’ to be unfair. At that time she made that internal decision, there was probably a deep abandonment feeling present and a plea from her soul went out to be taken far, far away from this world.

The fact that her bunionized Ether Toe has caused her left toe to switch its direction and take a hard lateral position would suggest that at one time Oprah may have had thoughts of ‘Spiritual Suicide’. This sounds like a hard label, however self-published author, Linda Bennett defines ‘Spiritual Suicide’ as a time when, on some level, a person feels so abandoned and unworthy that the deepest part of their soul cries out to the highest part of their subconscious and begs for an answer while giving Spirit an ultimatium. “Tell me WHY YOU are doing this to ME, or I am out of here!” This internal conversation may result in the person emotionally and spiritually shutting down. I am not saying this is what Oprah Winfrey experienced! Although, I would with complete reverence be willing to sit at her feet and hear the answer.

The areas on the most lateral side of Oprah’s feet have configured themselves to look as if she has six toes. She has the footprintof a caretaker and she plays that karmic role out everyday in all of the wonderful humanitarian efforts she takes on. My guess is all of her generosity comes with an emotional price on many levels.

Julia Roberts – Life & Style – April 2, 2007

Julie Roberts’ toes are great examples of someone who is very responsible. When you look at her RIGHT toes, which represents the way that she is in and to the world, you will note that her big toe, the DESTINY toe, is large, round and bulbous, meaning that it has extra flesh around the upper edges of the toenail bed. This indicates that she has tremendous potential, much of which has been unexpressed. She is destined to do even greater things that she has currently done – she was born with the mission of leaving a big footprint on earth.

My guess is her shoe size is 8 or above, based on looking at her big toe, also known as the Great Toe. When you look at the first joint of her Great DESTINY toe, you will see that it is large and steady, meaning that she is very reliable and responsible. In fact, my reading of it is, that at times, she is the one who will take charge and bring a project back on track, because at her very core she feels a great internal pull to be responsible for her actions and the actions of others. My bet is that during timesof great deadlines or important projects this Great DESTINY joint may even swell or get red indicating her frustration with herself orothers. The larger the DESTINY joint, the more the person has a need for control. The redder the joint becomes, the more the person is feeling ‘out of control.’

Her RIGHT second toe, the AIR or COMMUNCATION toe as they are referred to in Toe Reading, holds the story of the way she truly communicates out in the world. The length obviously shows that she is a talker and likes to express herself. Note, however, that the end of the RIGHT AIR toe looks a little bit forced. Intuitively she is an observer, until she knows she is safe enough to let it all go. That is why we will see her reserved one moment, and in the next moment she will open her beautiful big mouth and wails of wild laughter will come forth. She can definitely act and put herself out there – and it is definitely a great act, in that, her truest self is thatof watching until she know things are perfect before speaking her truth.

The FIRE Toe is the third toe, which in this picture, displays a little tendency to move forward and then move back. Chances are that Julia Roberts moves forward with consideration and caution. The FIRE toe does look long, revealing that Julia is a real doer – once she makes up her mind to do something.

The RIGHT fourth Toe, the WATER toe, is the RELATIONSHIP toe, which is long, straight, strong and a little wider at the top. From this picture we can’t see if there are any creases or deep wrinkles in this toe – – chances are there are, in that, a toe will record the various relationship break-up with lines or creases. Just guess is that we would be at least three lines, recording the past relationships that had been broken, unless they really were just superfical and didn’t make a deep impression on her sou/sole. What we can see by the lenght and strenght of the RIGHT RELATIONHSIP toe is that Julia was born to be family-oriented or relationship-oriented.

From this picture the little toe on the right side is only slightly visible. What we can see is that the EARTH, known as the MONEY or PROSPERITY Toe – is facing up and straight forward, meaning that she is a woman that does not hide in any way from money and personal prosperity. She knows her worth and that she is worthy of great wealth – however she defines wealth.

Reading the LEFT side toes, which are more about her internal self, the first toe indicates that she is on path and optimistic. The second AIR toe reveals that she is direct and straight forward with herself. The third toe, her FIRE toe, suggest that she is good with following through on the commitments she makes to herself. The fourth toe, the WATER or RELATIONSHIP toe, would make mewant to ask her if she is taking enough time for herself. It looks a little ‘down’ or unnoticed. (There is probably a story there) And her little EARTH toe, her TRUST toe on the LEFT side, is a little shy as well. My guess is that Julia Roberts is cautious about trusting people. It fits with her overall profile of being extremely reliable.

Overall, pretty toes of a pretty woman, with the destiny of accomplishing great things in the world. We haven’t seen what she is truly capable of yet!

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith’s toes are great examples of a person who was off path. In the close up of her toes you will note that on both sides her big toes, know as the ETHER or DESTINY toe, are sharply turning away from center. A Toe Reader would interpret this as a person being off her destined path or vvery much wanting things to be different. The more the person’s toes point way from center the more the question come up, “What is this person running away from or trying to get to.” Anna Nicole’s DESTINY toes in both ofthese photographs suggest that she was not inline with her true destiny and that her soul was craving to be someplace other than where it was.

Her second toes, the AIR or COMMUNICATION toes, are very long a flamboyance, just the way her communication was. Again, note how the the left AIR toe especially, was facing left, which is to the future, and not focused on the here and now. The right AIR toeactually dips downward somewhat, indicating that her communication in the world, was actually not always as straight forward and honest as it could be. It would invite a Toe Reader to ask, “Are there times that you do not feel like you are being heard or fully understood.” Anna Nicole’s toes suggest, that she would say, if she could, that deep down she did not feel that the world truly heardor saw her for who she was.

The middle toes are the FIRE toes, and on both side Anne Nicole Smith’s FIRE toes are either facing downward or to the future. This woman obviously spent a good amount of time in her heart and mind focusing past, rather than the here and now. These pictures record the story of a woman who was definitely off her destined path and appeared more than ready to leave this lifetime. Her toes appear like they were on their way out – her soul wanted to take a different direction.

Chloe Lattanzi – STAR Magazine April 2, 2007

Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John’s 21 year old daughter, recently went public with her anorexia battle.

When you look at toes on her LEFT side, which represents the internal stories and emotions, note her second toe, the AIR or COMMUNICATION toe. It is very congested and bound up at the end, suggesting that the communication internally has been very confused and stuffed inward. Chances are, if we could see the right second toe, the RIGHT AIR toe is similarly stressed, suggesting that she is stuffing in her emotions and they are just ripe and ready to pop out. You can see that the end of the LEFT AIR toe is very full and is turning toward the left side of the foot. A Toe Reader would interprete this to be that she is running away from the pastand has a basket of repressed emotions. In almost every case, where someone has an addiction or compulsion of any kind, the AIR toe will show signs of holding on to extra ‘energy’ at the tip, which make the toes appear overly full at the end or as if they can’t get away from the past fast enough. The more the toe is turns sideways, the more the person is running away or is unable to express or process their feeling and emotions.

Chloe’s third toe on the LEFT side, her FIRE toe, is also congested and facing downward, again suggesting that she is stuck in moving forward. We can’t see her little pinky toe, the TRUST toe – however, if we could, I predict that it would be hiding under the fourth toe, the RELATIONSHIP toe and be very small or misshapen in someway, suggesting that it is very hard for her to trust people.

As Toe Readers we believe that the toes do change as the person’s life and emotions change. As Chloe makes new decision in her life her toes may tell a different story in the future. Blessings to Chloe as she fears the things she is obviously running away from today.

Jennifer Hudson – US Weekly March 26, 2007

Jennifer Hudson is a great example of how past thoughts have created her current toe profile. Both the right and left big toes, known as the ETHER or DESTINY toes, are large and round, meaning that she is destined to do something in the world in a bigway. For the most part, both ETHER toes are straight and strong, although you can tell that their strength has not come without some struggle.

The struggle is indicated by the deep toe wrinkles and what appears to be a little harden skin on her big toes. There is a good amount of space between her first toes and the second toes, known as the AIR toes or COMMUNICATION toes. The space indicating that she has had many periods in her life that she had to stand one her own – alone. My guess is that she has felt, at times, like she was in the struggle all by herself or even like she was swimming up stream against the flow of the establishment or public opinion.

The more space there is between the big toe and the second toe, the more the person has been destined to have a life that stands apart from the mainstream. Their soul lesson has been to have faith in themselves and not be dependent on others around them. The RIGHT COMMUNICATION toe, suggests that in the past she has had to hold back what she truly wanted to say, and that she has often not felt listened to. The RIGHT COMMUNICATION toe also indicates her not willing to hold back what she had to say even if she had to ‘force’ others to hear her. The RIGHT COMMUNICATION toe appears to be a little rigid and forced, with congestion at the tips of the nail bed which suggests in the past there have been some trapped or unexpressed emotions and messages.

The LEFT COMMUNICATION toe is very wide, focused and undeniable – – exactly the way her singing career has been. Jennifer Hudson’s COMMINCATION toe reveals that she has always believed in herself and her Higher-Best-Self. A COMMUNCATION toe like Jennifer Hudson’s (also known as the AIR toe) suggests that she has an active relationship with the ‘energies’ in the the Air, meaning, Spirit or Angels. What I love most about Jennifer Hudson’s LEFT AIR toe is that it is out there of all to see or hear. This woman’s AIR/COMMUNCATION will not be missed. Deep down she has always known that she has a big song to sing and take into the world.

Tony Curtis

This picture was taken on April 5, 2005 and published in Vanity Fair. Tony’s left foot assuming he is right-handed would denote his relationship with self and Spirit. When looking at his left Ether Toe it does appear that he is optimistic however the Ether Toe has taken a somewhat lateral position making it appear that he does not know what his Spirit is really wanting. I amcurious if he feels disconnected from his own Spirit and feels a longing to reconnect.

Externally in the world (right foot) he has great potential and has remained true to his path. Internally he may have veered from his spiritual connection denoted by his left Ether Toe which does somewhat overshadow his communication/creativity (second) toe, known as the Air Toe. Which leads me to wonder if instead of creating what he wants for his own life he is often preoccupied by doing what he thinks is necessary or appropriate. I wonder what he is not saying to himself and Spirit that he needs to say.

Tony’s left third (fire) and fourth (relationship with self and Spirit) toes appear to have a bump at the knuckle and then curls down which tells us that internally he struggles with insecurity and that he does not act or speak in a way that is feeding his Spirit. Tony’s fourth left toe tells us that he has the ability to be hard on himself and I wonder if he sets very high standards for himself that he feels at time he can not live up to.

His left pinky or baby toe really curls down and we are unable to see the nail. So this lends to a thought that he struggles trusting that life will unfold as it should and that he will always be okay and taken care of. This tells us that he probably doesnot put his faith in his Eternal Spirit. Looking at his left foot overall it does appear that he struggles internally and in comparison to his right foot it appears that he is more comfortable with his external persona than he is unveiling who he really is. I wonder if he really allowed himself to feel vurnerable and to really go within and look at what is not serving him if he would feel more comfortable in his own skin. I wonder if he feels a gap between how he feels about himself and what he perceives the world to think of him?

Demi Moore

Demi Moore – her right foot represents how she relates to the world and others. The Great Toe or Ether Toe on this foot appears large, round with a large nail bed; appears that she has been walking her destined path, had a vision of what she deserved and went for it and achieved it. The toe appears to be looking a bit toward the future; a new project in mind?

Her Ether Toe tells us that she is confident and successful. Her right air toe (second toe) tells us she loves to talk, communication is important to her and she has alot to say. She can anticipate what her audience wants to hear and most recently has been talking about her recent past. However it does appear that she has more to say than she feels comfortable saying. She may feel that she was not heard or validated as a child. This made a huge impact on her evident by the large knuckle near the base of the toe.

Third toe or Fire toe looks straight forward with a soft round end but slightly under the second or air toe. Indicates she has some great ideas and maybe at times feels insecure on the follow through this seems to stem from her childhood when she may have felt unworthy. May seek approval and support before attempting a project. Her fourth toe or relationship toe looks straight forward with a slight slant downward shows she has a lot of love and affection to give to her close family members and maybe a few close friends and she may look to a partner to help her get projects done. Her fifth toe or prosperity toe is long, plump and straight with a good sized nail bed and is nestled against her relationship toe. She is very open to financial abundance and has an abundant family life, she may depend upon a partner to bring in more of the prosperity at times although she is a very capable woman.

Her left foot is her relationship with self and Spirit and what we can see here is that she is a visionary and very intuitive indicative by her Big Toe. Her air toe (2nd toe) shows how confident she is and how well she is able to exchange ideas. We wonder if right now the most important thing to her is focusing on family and home life.

Sarah Jessica Parker

When looking at her right foot w can see that Sarah is on Path and loving life however I wonder if at times she feels suffocated. There does appear to be something else she would like to do with her life in addition to what she is doing now. She appears to be the type of person who is very careful what she says to people looks like a bit of a people pleaser. She does however have more to say you just have to ask her and give her the space to speak and she will. She is a very passionate person, full of fire and has the ability to finish any task she puts her mind to. In relationships she is very loyal and seems to be an open book. She does however like her space and her privacy and she has no problem delegating tasks.

Her Left foot shows a very Spiritual compassionate woman who cares alot about her loved ones. She is very intuitive and very responsible. Her left air toe however shows that maybe she could use some quiet meditation time. She does appear to bethinking alot about the future maybe alot of What’s Next thoughts a challenge for her right now to stay in the moment.

Tyra Banks

In 1996 it looks as though all of her toes are relaxed. This may mean she has a long and straight destiny. There is no overlapping in the toes. Sort of pain and scar marks on Ether, Air and Fire toes. She seems very confident, and communicated well with some reservation not to be able to speak quite freely. She has lots of passion, but is not able to fully develop into her full self. It looks as though she is on her way to prosperity and full of wealth pointing to the future.

Seven Years later in 2003 Tyra’s destiny is still not on track. Her communication is lacking even more. She is not fully able to express herself. It is more of an issue with trust in relationships. Her relationship toe is curved toward her Earth toe trying to hang on to her top model status. She is starting to dig in more.

In 2007 Tyra has angry, real scrunched up toes. They are digging very hard. She is held back at the soul level, carrying lots of baggage. Her destiny still going in the straight direction and she seems to be on the right path. She is untrusting, very constricted and hiding. Her feet indicate she is not a happy person compared to eleven years prior.

Whitney Houston

Her Ether toe is tipped up very high and is not grounded. This may mean that she is very spirit minded. She has a big destiny and a big great toe. Her toes look like they are holding on and concave which may indicate emptiness. Her toes are pointing down which may indicate she is very sad. There is a knot on the top of her communication or Air toe. She may not be able to communicate needs and wants. The Fire toe on the right side is bulbous and may mean she has tends to procrastinate when itcomes to her worldly goals. The feeling we got was that she was clenching like she needed him. Her Air and Water toe both have red tips indicating an inflammation of sorts. Whitney’s Earth toe looks puffy. She may feel fulfilled but still relying on her relationship.

Reese Witherspoon

She has great potential and optimism from a worldly perspective. She is on path, although spiritually we wonder is shebeing pulled back from following her heart. We would ask her if she is having an internal struggle. Including a loss of trustfor herself.

She is a very strong person but we wonder if she doesn’t miss the way things once were – spiritually and personally. She possibly misses that innocent child-like introspection. We wonder if she’s being heard. It appears that her communication is being cut off.

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