About Toe Reading

The Toes are Windows to the Soul!

The power of Toe Reading is SO much more than what people expect! This New Age, transformational modality is used to help people explore and honor their life paths – all the way down to their very souls/soles! Toe Reading is based on the theory that the body holographically records the stories of our lives. Thus, the toes depict what one’s journey has been like. Toe Reading is based on the principles that:

  • Your internal-self is displayed in your left foot
  • The position and shape of the toes say a lot about their owner and the energy in one’s body
  • By observing someone’s toes, you will know a great deal about their past and the experiences they have lived through
  • Toes reveal how a person copes with their feelings, as well as their thoughts

It has been documented that everything that happens in your life, the story and the emotions, are stored as cell memory. There is more going on in the world, and specifically YOUR world, than meets the eye. It may just be your toes that reveal the most!

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