Toe Reading Classes

Toe Reading I – Reflexology Assessment & Introduction to Dialogue

RF 151 | Class Hours: 20 | Credits: 0.5

It is well documented that everything that happens in your life, the story and the emotions, are stored as cellular memory. Toe Reading is based on the theory that the body holographically records the stories of our lives in the tissues of the toes. The position and shape of the toes say a lot about their owner and the energy in one’s body. Using active listening, powerful-soul-searching questions, along with deep-insight, practitioners help people create change in their lives by examining their ‘stories.’ A trained Toe Reader humbly listens to the client, quietly makes observations, feels the energy in the toes, makes inquiries and presents metaphoric connections. No PRERQ NCBTMB Text: $12

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Toe Reading II – Soul Coaching

RF 162 | Class Hours: 20 | Credits: 0.5

Level II will concentrate on mastering facilitating dialogue in such a way as to help shift someone’s awareness of how they are, and how they can be, in the world by asking penetrating soul coaching questions. An introduction to where the chakra information is holographically stored within the toes and feet will be explored to further help refine the predictable sites of sacred life stories. A ‘Royal Reading’, complete with washing the of the feet and the use of blended essential oils is taught to help create trust, ritual, blessings and sacred space with your client to deepen the discoveries from the soul in a toe reading session. Come and unlock your ability to be a true Sole/Soul Coach with this powerful modality. PRERQ RF 151 or RF 150-OL Text: $12 – same text as in Level I

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Toe Reading Practicum

RF 167 | Class Hours: 10 | Credits: 0.25

Enjoy the benefit of working with actual clients, practicing skills and developing excellence in toe readings. To receive a 50 hour Mastery Certificate, one must complete at least half of their hours in the scheduled Toe Reading clinic while the remaining hours can be completed at a supervised SWIHA event such as Gifts and Graces and Celebrate Your Life with documented proof. If outside session are approved by the instructors, the sessions must be written up and turned in to receive credit. Tuition: $150 PRERQ RF 151 or RF 150-OL & RF 162

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Toe Reading – Reflexology Assessment I – Elemental ONLINE

RF 150-OL | Class Hours: 16 | Credits: 0.5

Become a Toe Reader ~ Connect Sole to Soul! Everything that happens in our lives is recorded holographically in our feet. Major traumas, dramas, personality tendencies and blessings are all revealed in the shape of our toes. This class focuses on teaching you the elemental language of toe reading. You will be practicing the concept that “Everything is Something.” Thus implementing learned advanced observation, assessment and communication skills in the exploration of revealing the stories and the language the toes metaphorically speak. Please note: This course requires students to obtain a volunteer for some assignments that necessitate subtle physical contact. NO PRERQ Media: $10, eText included in tuition NCBTMB

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Toe Reading II – Soul Coaching – Expanded Dialogue

RF 170 | Class Hours: 8 | Credits: 0.5

In this course, you will concentrate on mastering facilitated dialogue. With the use of penetrating soul coaching questions, learn to facilitate deeper self-awareness in such a way as to help shift your client’s perception of how they are, and how they can be. The Royal Reading will help you create trust, ritual and sacred space for your client, as deep soul discoveries are revealed in a toe reading session. You will unlock your ability to be a true Sole/Soul Coach with this powerful modality. PREREQ: RF 150-OL

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