Certificate of Excellence in Hypnotherapy

Are you fascinated by the inner workings of the subconscious mind?
Hypnotherapy works on the subconscious mind allowing individuals to manage, reduce or eliminate a wide variety of physical, emotional and psychological issues. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) offers two levels of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy training – Hypnotherapy 100 Hour program and our Clinical Hypnotherapy 300 Hour program. In a few short months, you can be ready to launch a new, rewarding and lucrative career helping people improve their lives.

Hypnotherapy 100 Hour Program

Our Hypnotherapy 100 Hour program includes Hypnotherapy Foundations Levels I, II and III. This program embraces the clinical aspects of hypnosis, with many therapeutic interventions. Graduates of this program earn a Certificate of Excellence and may begin a private practice. Upon completion of the 100 hours, graduates are eligible for certification through National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH) or American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). This option is also available online.

Hypnotherapy 300 Hour Program

Many of our Hypnotherapy Specialist graduates go on to sign up for the additional 200 hours of training in our Clinical Hypnotherapy 300 Hour program and become nationally certified Hypnotherapists. This program includes the full Hypnotherapy 100 Hour program with the addition of several advanced techniques. Students will study fears, phobias and addictions, past-life regression, script writing, subconscious intervention, life coaching foundations and more. This training prepares students to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by completing the requirements of the highly respected American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) This is an external certification.

The Benefits of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for bridging a gap that may exist between an individual’s body, mind and spirit. By using guided imagery and the power of the subconscious mind, powerful healing and transformation can take place. Some of the many reported benefits of Hypnotherapy include:

  • Reduce physical symptoms such as pain and fatigue
  • Control or overcome habits, addictions and cravings
  • Quit smoking, lose weight, stop nail biting
  • Deal with anger in a positive way
  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve attention, concentration and motivation
  • Attract healthier people and relationships
  • Realize life-long goals
  • Program the mind to think in a more positive light
  • Reduce and manage stress and anxiety
  • Treat panic attacks and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • Relieve debilitating fears and phobias

Hypnotherapy Training at SWIHA

Our hypnotherapy training programs rise above the rest. SWIHA is state licensed and nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) as a private college for holistic health care careers and continuing education. We are honored to be an award-winning college, one of the Top 50 Arizona Companies to Watch, a member of the Arizona Small Business Association since 2008, with multiple Best School of the Year awards from the Arizona Private School Association. Linda Bennett is our award-winning Transpersonal Hypnotherapy director and senior curriculum specialist.

We help you discover your gifts and take your skills and talents out into the world in a loving and profitable way. Our Success Center offers graduates life-long assistance with job placement, entrepreneurial and career coaching, resume writing and more.

Hypnotherapy Online

Our entire Hypnotherapy 100 Hour program is also available online! The course features dedicated instructor guidance, instructional videos and discussion forums.

Hypnotherapy can be taught and conducted online with today’s technology. This video demonstrates teacher and director Linda Bennett conducting a real hypnotherapy session online using webcams and headsets. The client is Dr. Luccia Rogers, a SWIHA hypnotherapy graduate.

Explore Hypnotherapy

Are you interested in hypnotherapy, but not sure about signing up for the full length of the program? At SWIHA, we are so committed to helping you achieve your dream, we invite you to take a test drive and sit in on the first 4 hours of any introductory class before you decide whether to enroll. Get a first-hand feel for what SWIHA is all about!

Complimentary Hypnotherapy Clinic

Experience the personal transformation of Hypnotherapy first hand by scheduling an appointment with a student in training at no cost. Please send an email inquiring specifically about our Hypnotherapy Clinics and your first/last name and e-mail address here to be notified of upcoming opportunities.

Experience Hypnotherapy at One of Our Community Events

We also invite you to join us for our Discover Your Gifts & Graces event, held the first Friday of every month at 6:00pm at SWIHA’s main campus. Following the presentation you can receive complimentary mini sessions such as Life Coaching, Toe Reading, Reiki and more.

Tuition Assistance

SWIHA is a nationally-accredited college approved by the United States Department of Education. Students enrolled in programs of 600 hours or more may qualify for Federal Student Aid in the form of Pell grants and student loans. Students may be eligible for Federal financial aid for Yoga-integrated programs and both the 600 & 800 hour YTT diploma programs. Title IV Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

SWIHA offers a 10% concession on tuition for Certificates of Excellence that are paid with cash in-full at the time of enrollment **
* Application fees, books, materials, and supplies to be paid for separately and not included in the concession toward the total cost of tuition.
** Not to be combined with any other offer or scholarship.


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