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Nearly everyone feels “stuck” at some point in life. Unfortunately, not everyone is trained, insightful or objective enough to offer the best advice. But now you can be! At Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), we offer a comprehensive 100 Hour Life Coaching program online that covers all the core competencies as outlined by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association of Coaching (IAC).*

Life Coaching is an ongoing partnership in which clients have a unique opportunity to deepen their awareness, improve their performance, overcome their obstacles and enhance their quality of life. Coaches use questioning, exploring, reporting, and consistent commitment to move the client forward. With greater focus and awareness of choice, achievement of life goals is accelerated.

* SWIHA is not affiliated with the ICF and IAC. Please contact these organizations for information on their optional certification and membership programs.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Great coaching, whether we label it business coaching, executive coaching, personal coaching, spiritual coaching or whatever coaching, all boils down to one thing: bringing out the very best in yourself and others! The potential benefits of Life Coaching are so numerous and so highly individual, we couldn’t possibly list them all – but here are a few:

  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Identify and clarify business or personal goals
  • Motivate yourself with a clear action plan
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Work through major life transitions
  • Develop and implement organizational skills
  • Improve relationship
  • Be held accountable for your weight loss plan
  • Stop over-spending and get out of debt
  • Develop leadership and public speaking skills

FAQ: All About Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

“Life Coaching” is an exciting new profession designed to help you embrace your greatness and bring out the greatness in others. Having a coach is like having a personal trainer for your life. The coaching process involves expanding awareness through a combination of clarification, motivation and powerful, thought-provoking questions. Any or all aspects of life are addressed: relationships, personal goals and projects, business success, life transitions, and more.

How does the coaching process work?

A Life Coach knows the individual clients have all the answers to every question or challenge deep inside them, even if those answers appear to be obscured or concealed. The coach’s job is to use specific tools and techniques to empower people to find those answers within themselves. The result is a renewed connection between the head and the heart, allowing the transformation of passions and dreams into action and reality. Common Life Coaching examples include empowering an executive to become an inspiring leader, assisting an entrepreneur to bring a new business to profitability, challenging an individual to accomplish a goal at an accelerated pace, and facilitating a person to find spiritual perspective in everyday life.

Why would someone hire a Life Coach?

Life Coaches are professionally trained to guide you through examining your present circumstances, discovering what obstacles or challenges might be in your way, and creating a course of action. The idea is to bring you from where you are now to where you want to be. Coaches support and encourage without passing judgment – and without holding anything back (like our friends and family normally do). Hiring a Life Coach is truly an act of empowerment. By identifying your life values and clearly defining your personal mission, you clear your mental clutter and approach life with a fresh new perspective, sense of direction and renewed enthusiasm.

Would I make an effective Life Coach?

If you are a clear communicator and a compassionate individual who truly loves people, chances are you’d make an excellent Life Coach. Perhaps you’ve already noticed people look up to you and turn to you when they need to talk out life’s challenges and receive insightful feedback. Our Life Coaching program will help you develop that natural ability, leveraging your gifts and talents into a refined skill set designed to unlock your client’s gifts and talents much faster than they could on their own.

What are the benefits of receiving Life Coach training?

Life Coaching is a rapidly growing profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, therapy or counseling. By becoming a Life Coach, not only will you impact your client’s personal, professional and spiritual development, you impact your own as well. Just by participating in class, you yourself will receive a great deal of professional coaching on the life issues that concern you most. Whether you want to acquire coaching skills to start your own business or simply to enhance your personal or professional life through continuing education, the benefits of Life Coach training are tremendous.

Why Choose SWIHA for Life Coach Training?

At SWIHA, we have a passion for helping you follow your bliss and realize your dream! Here are just a few of the ways SWIHA stands out among the rest:
* SWIHA is state licensed and nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) as a private college for holistic health care careers and continuing education.

Our entire 100 Hour Life Coaching program is now available online! With today’s technology, the classroom can easily be brought to your living room. Featuring dedicated instructor guidance, instructional videos, and discussion forums, these amazing classes can now be taken from anywhere in the world.

* We offer a limited number of On Campus scholarships for the Introductory Life Coaching weekend to individuals who volunteer for non-profit agencies. (excludes online)
* Our Success Center is dedicated to providing our graduates with life-long job placement assistance, entrepreneurial and career coaching, resume assistance and more.

Tuition Assistance

SWIHA is a nationally-accredited college approved by the United States Department of Education. Students enrolled in programs of 600 hours or more may qualify for Federal Student Aid in the form of Pell grants and student loans. Students may be eligible for Federal financial aid for Yoga-integrated programs and both the 600 & 800 hour YTT diploma programs. Title IV Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

SWIHA offers a 10% concession on tuition for Certificates of Excellence that are paid with cash in-full at the time of enrollment **
* Application fees, books, materials, and supplies to be paid for separately and not included in the concession toward the total cost of tuition.
** Not to be combined with any other offer or scholarship.


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