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Great coaching, whether we label it business coaching, executive coaching, personal coaching, spiritual coaching or whatever coaching, all boils down to one thing: bringing out the very best in yourself and others!

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Certificate of Excellence

Life Coaching is an ongoing partnership in which clients have a unique opportunity to deepen their awareness, improve their performance, overcome their obstacles and enhance their quality of life.

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Are You Destined To Coach Others To Greatness?

Step into your greatness, and become a powerful, effective Life Coach in an Online or On-campus program through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Earning your Certificate of Excellence, you will find personal growth and evolve on many levels ~ Mind, Body & Spirit!

You are here right now because you are actively seeking your purpose, of becoming a Life Coach.  You already know within that this is your calling.

An Opportunity to Enhance Others’ Quality of Life

You hold sacred space, while forming confidential relationships in which your clients have a unique opportunity to deepen their awareness, improve performance, overcome obstacles, enhance their quality of life, and more. Life Coaching focuses on the present moving forward.

You, as a Life Coach, will help your clients center and find their own answers, within. You simply help them get there. Everyone is a unique being, so your coaching sessions will be based around your clients’ needs.

Great coaching all boils down to one thing: bringing out greatness in yourself and others. As a coach, you will hold sacred space for your clients, and help get them where they need to go.

Recent Blog Posts

Hypnotherapy, often referred to as guided imagery, is a powerful instrument for healing. It works within the subconscious mind of an individual, helping to resolve issues such as chronic anxiety, weight gain, fear and insomnia. It can also help change negative or addictive behaviors. Bob Chamberlain, a graduate of the 100 hour Certificate of Excellence in Hypnotherapy at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), has an undeniable passion for hypnotherapy and guided imagery. Once Bob completed his 100 hours of training at SWIHA, he immediately took his skills and experience to Banner Estrella Medical Center in Phoenix, along with SWIHA’s Hypnotherapy Program Director Linda Bennett. In January of 2015, Banner Estrella launched a pilot program called the Guided Imagery Project. This is a volunteer based program in which Bob immediately began volunteering, along with a dozen other graduates from SWIHA’s hypnotherapy program. Most traditional, or allopathic, doctors and medical centers … Read More

In 2011, Laura Wilkinson had hit her version of rock bottom, and was desperately in need of some kind of life shift. Having looked into the Life Coaching program offered at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) previously, Laura explains, “After the rug was pulled out from under my feet I knew it was time to do something transformational,” she said. “I had a clean slate and I needed to build a solid foundation. Life Coaching was the perfect place for me to rebuild from.” Laura enrolled in SWIHA’s online Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program, where she not only studied Life Coaching, she also took courses in Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Aromatherapy, and business courses including Writing for Publication. Once she completed her program (with a 4.0 grade point average!), Laura was ready for the next phase in her life. Inspired by her program, and armed with the knowledge that there were … Read More


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