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Find A Toe Reader

Are you ready to have your Toes Read? It’s fun and very informative!

There are six great ways to get a Toe Reading:

  • Get a Toe Reading from a trained and experience graduate of the Reflexology or Spiritual Studies program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. To find a Toe Reader near you, go to and type in Toe Reader and the state in which you want to locate a Toe Reader. It’s never been simpler!
  • The first Friday of every month, Master Teachers give motivational presentations known as “Discover Your Gifts and Graces” at 6:00 pm at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 1100 E Apache Boulevard, Tempe, Arizona 85281. As part of the presentation, Toe Reading is introduced. Immediately following the presentation trained Toe Readers give complimentary Toe Readings to the public. Be our Guest – there is no charge for the monthly presentation.
  • Come into the Healing Arts Clinic at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 1100 E Apache Boulevard, Tempe, Arizona and have a Reflexology Treatment and Toe Reading done. Session fees range from $35 to $65 depending on the level of expertise of the practitioner. To book an appointment call 480-994-9244 today.
  • Send us a picture of your toes and we will send you a comprehensive written reading of what we see.Order your Toe Reading. (Click to the one that is for the written reading)
  • Send us a picture of your toes and arrange a time for us to connect via telephone or Skype for a one-on-one personal Spiritual Coaching session. Order your Personalized Toe Reading!

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