Air Toe

Air Toe

The second toe is the Air toe or the Communication toe. This toe clearly records how a person communicates. The longer the toe, the more Air the person has in their elemental profile. The length of the toe will equate to the volume of talking they do or the depth of the thinking they do about something. The key factor here will be to notice the focus and direction of the Air toe. The more open and straightforward the tips of the Air toes, the more their communication mirrors those same characteristics.

A bulbous toe, one that looks like there is a little mushroom on the end of it, indicates that this person loves to talk and has more to say than they already do. However, if this type of toe is taking a downward motion, it could imply that the person is more of a thinker/listener than talker/communicator. They actually may re-think and re-evaluate everything that was said over and over. They live in their heads.

When an Air Toe extends beyond the length of the Great Toe, this usually indicates that they are either artistically creative, have a passion for singing, or, interestingly enough have an unusually high mathematical gift.

Conversely, when the tops of the toes are pointed to the earth, it is likely that their communication is not forthright and open, rather they are directed inward. Depending on the amount of congestion the toe tip indicates, there is likely an equal amount of congested emotions – fear or anger usually. If the tips of the toes are especially blunt, you will find that the person’s communication style is equally blunt and bottom-line.

In the end, anger and resentment erupts from the emotional inner conflict. This form of pathology is known as a hammer toe-meaning that the emotions are hammering away at their emotional balance and self-esteem. This repression indicates deep secrets, and perhaps family secrets, including sexual, verbal and emotional abuse. The toes that look like they are clawing into the earth like a cat’s paw are literally clinging on for dear life. When doing a Toe Reading with someone who has addiction challenges or who has been battered, it would not be uncommon to see such clawing.

The questions you will ask when reading the second toe will be about communication. Remember that the right side is about communication with others and the left side will more likely represent communication with self and Spirit. When working with this toe communication takes into consideration speaking and listening.

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