Fire Toe

Fire Toe

The middle toe is the Fire Toe. This toe will reveal a person’s procrastination tendencies, how directive they are and the likelihood of their completing a task. The owner of a straight, strong toe is likely to be directed and focused in their approach in life and the achievement of their goals. There are some toes that actually appear pointed, which usually indicates that the person might actually be down right bossy. When the tips of the Fire toe point downward they would suggest lack of follow through or easy discouragement. The fiery third toe records the action or non-action behind the thoughts that are indicated from reading the first two toes.

A short third toe will belong to the person who may be short on follow through and execution. A widening at the end of the Fire toe would lead you to ask whether the person tends to spread themselves too thin at times or whether they have the ability to multi-task. A characteristic is just an observation until a question is attached to it.

The third toe is about moving forward in the world and ‘doing’ or not doing your life’s work as well as executing your regular earth duties. Procrastinations and follow-through need to be considered with this toe.

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