Ether Toe

Ether Toe

Known by a wide variety of names, the first toe is: the Great Toe, the Ether Toe, and the Destiny Toe. The element of Ether refers to the vastness of life’s possibilities. When you think of Ether, or being in the Ethers, the vision of limitlessness may come to mind. Imagine being in the heavens with every possible option available to you. That is what the Ether toe represents. The straighter the toe the more likely you have been ‘on path’; the more crooked or bent the Great Toe the more likely you have settled for less or have been forced ‘off path’. When the Ether Toe veers off its straight path, it indicates that the person has been influenced away from their true heart’s purpose. There is a high probability that this person has been forced to surrender their hopes and dreams to do something that someone else insisted they do.

A confident, successful person will have a very straight, well-grounded Great Toe. The more optimistic the person, the more likely that the end of the Great Toe or the nail of that toe will point to the heavens. Sometimes a real ‘dreamer’ will have a toe that does not come in contact with the ground. On the flip side, a pessimist’s toe will likely point downward toward the ground. This type of toe is know as a ‘drop shape’, indicating that the person has hidden energy or abilities and certainly needs to ask the question, “What is my great unfulfilled dream?” And, perhaps equally important, “Am I now willing to step forward to claim the dream I dropped?” The questions to consider would be: Have you settled for less? Has your family, church, or work pressured you into doing something different from what your deep heartfelt sense is? Have you given up your power in order to please someone else?

The space between toes represents great intuitive abilities, yet intellectual thoughts that expand beyond physical limitations into the ethereal and spiritual realms. The extra space also indicates open-mindedness, an active search for universal truth and plenty of space for new thoughts and inspiration.

When reading the Ether Toe always consider the big picture first. Describe the Great Toe in terms of how they were destined to take up space on earth, were they to have walked a straight and uninterrupted life?

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