Earth Toe

Earth Toe

The little pinky toe is the Earth Toe, symbolic of trust and prosperity perceptions. As with all the toes, the right and left side lends different perspectives to the Toe Reading. This is especially true when reading the Earth Toe. The right Earth Toe will hold a person’s deep beliefs about money and sexuality issues. The emotions of the right little toe revolves around fear, insecurities, and betrayal. The left Earth Toe is called the Trust Toe.

Characteristics of optimism and trust or pessimism and mistrust manifest in the earth toe. Obsessive worrying about money will manifest itself in the form of a corn located on the little Earth toe. The more of the nail that is showing on either side, the more likely you are ready and open to receive financial, physical and spiritual prosperity. If you note that the nail of the Earth toe is turned sideways the reading would be that perhaps you are looking back on situations and events, rather than focusing on manifesting what you want. The ideal is for the little toenail to look to the heavens, acknowledging Spirit as Source.

The little toes on the left are the warehouse of trust factors, whereas the right Earth Toes store the prosperity consciousness.

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