Water Toe

Water Toe

The Water toe is the fourth toe, also known as the Relationship Toe. This is the toe that, interestingly enough, is broken more often than any other toe. When the Water Toe is stubbed or lacks energetic substance, the question to ask is what is the history and quality of past relationships? Relationship is not exclusive to romantic relationships. It could refer to relationships with parents, siblings or to authority figures.

There are times when a Water toe that is pointed toward the ground indicates deep friendship; the person may not have a wide variety of friends, rather a few very close friends. If the Water toe insists on nesting up against the Fire toe, there will be the tendency for the person to need to be with someone to get anything done, rather than working by themselves. And it can suggest that the person has a deep need to be in a relationship and finds it difficult to operate on their own. In other words, the Fire and Water toes are co-dependent upon one another.

The length and size of the Water toe conveys the potential capacity for relationship success. Remember that the right Water toe is about relationships with others and the left Water toe is reflecting the relationship with self or Spirit. The neck of the Water toe is indicative of the communication that exists within the relationship with others or self. A Water toe with a tight neck, meaning a smaller, tighter area located in the joint closest to the end of the toe, would indicate that this person may have a difficult time speaking the truth to someone they are in relationship with. If the neck joint on the left side is smaller or tighter, the question would be: How are you at telling yourself the Truth?

The fourth toe is all about relationships with self and other. When you think of the word relationship apply it to all levels, not just romantic relationships. During a reading you can get clarity about any relationship you set your intention toward. Ask questions focused around particular relationships and answers will be revealed. Look at the underlying trends in your relationships.

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