The Coffee Conundrum: Benefits of Coffee Consumption

In my (hundred thousandth) attempt to quit drinking coffee I have given in to the lure of the mystic drink again… and I feel great. My liver, mind, and nervous system are thanking me for the needed break from the caffeine, but they are also thanking me for the pick-me-up that was very much needed today.
I have been a consistent coffee drinker since I was 4… Yes that is right, and that could be the reason why the comfort of it is almost as important as food and water to me.But what are the benefits of coffee? The Coffee Controversy Coffee is so controversial and it seems like it will forever remain that way, so I wanted to share informative facts I came across during my research. Like I said, I am an advocate for coffee, but I also know just because one thing is “good” for one person does … Read More

Toe Reading Classes

Toe Reading I – Reflexology Assessment & Introduction to Dialogue RF 151 | Class Hours: 20 | Credits: 0.5 It is well documented that everything that happens in your life, the story and the emotions, are stored as cellular memory. Toe Reading is based on the theory that the body holographically records the stories of our lives in the tissues of the toes. The position and shape of the toes say a lot about their owner and the energy in one’s body. Using active listening, powerful-soul-searching questions, along with deep-insight, practitioners help people create change in their lives by examining their ‘stories.’ A trained Toe Reader humbly listens to the client, quietly makes observations, feels the energy in the toes, makes inquiries and presents metaphoric connections. No PRERQ NCBTMB Text: $12 View Dates and Details Toe Reading II – Soul Coaching RF 162 | Class Hours: 20 | Credits: 0.5 … Read More

Be a Toe Reader

The Toes are Windows to the Soul! The power of Toe Reading is SO much more than what people expect! This New Age, transformational modality is used to help people explore and honor their life paths – all the way down to their very souls/soles! Toe Reading is based on the theory that the body holographically records the stories of our lives. Thus, the toes depict what one’s journey has been like. Toe Reading is based on the principles that Your internal-self is displayed in your left foot The position and shape of the toes say a lot about their owner and the energy in one’s body By observing someone’s toes, you will know a great deal about their past and the experiences they have lived through Toes reveal how a person copes with their feelings, as well as their thoughts By Reading Your Toes, The Story Will Unfold… It … Read More

Why Us

Ten Reasons to Become a Certified Urban Farmer at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Our program was built to spread the word about green living and sustainability, not only in Arizona, but around the world. If you are ready embrace your own greenness and become conscious of how you currently affect planet Earth, you too can choose to have a beautiful impact on your community, environment, and Mother Nature. As you learn to grow your own food and up-level your nutrition choices, you can empower family, friends and neighbors to jump on the green living bandwagon as well. We have an Urban Garden right here on-campus – in the growing process… If you are taking the program online, enjoy growing your own garden right from the comfort of your own home. Our spirit-directed college community is welcoming and state-of-the-art. If you miss a class we offer you several alternative times … Read More

Why Us

The Mission of Unity Yoga as taught at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is to teach an authentic expression of yoga with a transformational approach, honoring the diversity of all practices and belief systems. Our program is based on the principle that yoga is a unifying tool for creating health, well-being and a deep spiritual connection. Our commitment is to provide structure, yet educational freedom, so all may find their own truth, while incorporating a ‘living yoga’ approach to their lives. Our programs are state-recognized and nationally accredited. We provide students with comprehensive training by dedicated, exceptional, and accomplished educators who are actively practicing in the holistic health care or healing arts field. Our students receive the most comprehensive Yoga training available Our Yoga Teacher Training draws its elements from a variety of long established Yoga traditions. SWIHA also invites nationally and internationally-respected Yoga teacher trainers and Yoga-related teachers as … Read More

Holistic Nutrition Specialist

200 Hours | 11.75 Credits View Program Sheet Wise individuals through the ages have known that nutrition has the power to prevent and even cure disease. Now people throughout the world are taking control of their own health with nutrition as an essential part of it. SWIHA’s Holistic Nutrition Specialist program is for people who want to learn to make the healthiest food and lifestyle choices for themselves, and develop a meaningful and successful business helping others do the same. In our 200 hour Holistic Nutrition program, students get a comprehensive education on the foundations of whole food nutrition, how it contributes to the prevention of illness and promotes optimal health. The old model, known as the Standard American Diet or S.A.D. diet, is replaced by learning S.O.U.L nutrition: Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local whole foods as the foundation for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. To see full curriculum please review … Read More

Western Herbalism & Holistic Nutrition

AOS Degree in Holistic Healthcare with a Concentration in Western Herbalism & Holistic Nutrition View Program Sheet. It’s a winning combination. In the Western Herbalism and Holistic Nutritionist program you will learn to use herbs for natural healing and how to coach people on improving their nutrition, food choices and eating habits for a healthy and energized life. With SWIHA’s Associate Degree in Holistic Healthcare with Concentrations in Western Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition, you can educate others to live more sustainable lives by using non-toxic, affordable, renewable and accessible health choices, and avoid the overuse of expensive medications and invasive procedures. You will also learn to support others with a healthier, mindful “diet” called S.O.U.L. nutrition, which means choosing foods that are Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local. Western Herbalism Enrich your connection with the earth and plants from a spiritual and energetic perspective, as well as from a phytochemical science … Read More

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