Online Education

From anywhere in the world, you can dive into the transformational training we offer at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ with our online programs! Our online classes are an extension of the community, supportive spirit and professional learning experience on campus. SWIHA’s linked learning communities are led by our knowledgeable, skilled online instructors who are dedicated to your success every step of the way. Online learning at SWIHA’s keeps you connected to your goal while supporting spirit, service, and transformation. Explore our online programs and fill out information form to receive our latest full class schedule!

Being Ready for SWIHA Online Education

Like any coursework, online classes take dedication, self-discipline and motivation to be successful. In structured courses, expect to login at least every other day to participate in class discussions, chats, and access course materials. For each class, expect from 4-8 hours of work per week depending on course requirements and personal work habits.

Online education is different from traditional learning, but many students find it to be more engaging and rewarding. The SWIHA Online team is committed to supporting each and every student throughout their entire journey.


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